Youtube Management

become searchable before visible!

“Seeing is believing”  – It’s an old saying but still fresh. And that’s why the concept of YouTube is so popular. In fact, most of How-To’s are searched on YouTube. We take care of your entire youtube management -Starting from Planning, Developing, Creating and Optimizing your entire YouTube account. 

Let Us Sell You First

Are you an influencer (coach, author or trainer) having uploaded tons of videos on YouTube, launched your own YouTube channel and then struggling to get ANY views?

Through YouTube Management and optimization of your videos, it can be made sure that your video contents rank higher and get more views..

Shooting a good video is not easy! You need to take care of the alignment to the videos to the audio enhancement and beyond! You are good coach, author or trainer – but are you equally good at photography? And what more, – you need to take care of the headache of uploading your videos too!!!

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. Over 1.8 billion users log in to YouTube every month and they spend more than 1 billion hours watching videos on it every day. Fascinating? But the fact is, millions of videos are uploaded every day to this platform. With Keyword Rich Description and Keyword Tags, you need to do the SEO Optimization of your videos.


To stay ahead of the race, you need to work on YouTube optimization. This is a process of optimizing your videos to make sure that they rank higher and get more views. But this has got huge technical nitty grittiness!


Your video should be trimmed where necessary, need to add relevant intro and a Meaningful Ending. Also, you need to create the most engaging thumbnails for your YouTube video – where viewers can’t help but will get hooked at! And creating thumbnails is not about only aesthetics – it’s a science

Don’t worry!

Just shoot the video at will and forget everything else! Trust us to bear the headache of the technicalities to boost your videos on YouTube, and just enjoy your work – that is just creating videos – let us take care of the optimization part to attract tons of viewers for you!!!

What You Get


  • Suggestion On Keywords
  • Analysis On Competitor
  • Suggestions On Topics
  • YouTube Branding Suggestions
  • Concepts on Intro And Ending


  • Videos Edited and Enhanced 
  • Adding of Intro and Ending
  • Keyword Oriented Descriptions
  • Title and Keyword Tagging
  • Adding Thumbnail and Upload

Questions In Mind?


What I actually get?

You Shoot and Send us the raw video and we will take care of the rest! You get :

  • Video Edited
  • Video Trimmed where necessary
  • Audio Enhanced
  • Relevant Intro Added
  • Addition of Meaningful Ending
  • Youtube Thumbnail Design
  • Keyword Rich Description
  • Keyword Tags
  • Upload on your Youtube Channel
Will You Upload The Video?

Yes. You need to give us the Manager Access for the same. Else if you want to upload that yourself, we will send you all the deliverables and you can get it uploaded. 


Do you Write the Video Description?

Yes. We write the video description for you based on the keyword research, title, and the objective that we plan.

Process and Payments

What is the process to start with?

Here is the complete process to get started.

  1. Book a call with us: We will discuss your business and how YouTube can help you in that. We will draw a strategy and a plan to launch or enhance your YouTube and set a frequency for the same.
  2. Proposal and Payment: Once the call is complete and we both are good to go ahead, we will send you a proposal on what we have discussed and we will send you an invoice as per the plan selected and get started. 
  3. Planning Sheet: After the payment is made, we will send you a planning sheet that will have the relevant keywords and suggested topics for videos. 
  4. Support Group: Post payment, we create a group on Messenger or Whatsapp which includes our team members. It helps speed up communication and support flows.
  5. Shoot and Send: You need to shoot the video and send us. And, we will take care of the rest!
Whats the Pricing Plan?

Here is the pricing slab: 

Up to 4 videos a month – USD 149

Up to 8 videos a month – USD 249

Up to 12 videos a month – USD 399

How Do I Pay ?

We raise you PayPal invoice in USD only, which you can pay through your PayPal account or credit card.


Design and Tech

How Do I Shoot Videos?

If you are just starting out, you need not to buy any costly equipment. You can simply start shooting with your phone. You just need to ensure you have good lighting and sound quality – that’s all. The content and topic are the most important factors for the success of your youtube channel.

How Do I send Videos and Instructions?

For sending videos, you can use any services like WeTransfer, Senditnow, etc. And you can write the instructions on the support group which we will create for you. You need to send us the instruction with different start time and end time which needs trimming or edits. 


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