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Attachzd takes the stress out of managing your WordPress site by doing all of the hard work for you. Fiddling with backups, updates, maintenance and security is a thing of the past.

What You Get In Our WordPress Maintenance Package

Your Office or Home or any Equipment you use and in that case, the device on which you are reading this needs maintenance and upgradation. Hence, there cannot be any reason why your website doesn’t require any maintenance. The technological changes, updations, security, changes in your business and almost everything in covered under our WordPress Maintenance Package.

Wordpress Updates

WordPress is constantly adding up with more and more features as nowadays a large number of websites are built on wordpress. This changes are implemented in the form of updates. We keep your wordpress website always updated.

Wordpress Theme and Plugin Updates

Themes and Plugins Updates

Being theme built and maintained by professionals, the themes are regularly changes as per the changes in wordpress and technological advancements. Same happens with the plugins we use in your web designing. We ensure in our WordPress Website maintenance package that your theme and plugins are always updated.

Page and Image Modifications

Pages and images in your website can never be constant. They also need to be updated or modified. Our WordPress Maintenance Package ensures whenever you need to change the content and images of your webpage, its done in next 24 hours

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Addition / Deletion Of Pages

Depending on the web designing package you are into, adding and creating a page or deleting a page is always a part of our wordpress maintenance package.

Website Uptime Monitoring

We ensure that your WordPress sites will continue to run smoothly so that your business can continue to function at full capacity. But if something does go wrong, you’ll be the first to know.

Regular Offsite Backup

With our wordpress security services, we ensure a back up of your site is taken regularly (depending on the web designing package) and stored offsite so that it can be restored easily and immediately if needed.

Ip Blocking

Potential Malicious IP scans and blocking:

Regularly monitoring potential malicious IP and blocking it is also a part of wordpress maintenance package 

Malware Removal

Wordpress Loading Speed Optimization

Speed Check. Regular Optimzation and tracking ensures your site loading speed is maintained always.

Business Class WordPress Email Hosting

Round The Clock Support

No need to wait for Phone Operator. Our dedicated support portal and team ensures your each and every query is resolved before the timeline. And once you are in, you will get escalation matrix as well. Support is available on Chat and Mail.

Wordpress Malware Scanning

Regular Malware Scanning

Regularly (depending on the package),  your website is scanned for malware and your site is monitored under our wordpress maintenance package.

Malware Removal

Malware Removal

Needless to say, any malware found is immediately removed and you are notified as well. This is most critical service under wordpress security package and we make this piece smooth.

Wordpress Comment Moderation

Comment Moderation

We regularly (depending on package) moderate your posts comments and remove spam comments and approve the non spam comments.



starting @  $39/2457per month

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