One of the most Critical Factors in your Online Success is Your Website Security 

About  Wordpress Security

Think of your dream office for a moment. How does it look? Hope great!!! Just imagine the beautiful color, furniture, etc of your workspace. Do you allow everyone to enter your office without permission? Can anyone simply enter and walk in anywhere in your office? Hope it’s no. And that’s exactly why you need a security for your virtual office – your website. Our web designing package includes WordPress security which ensures your website is secured always.

WordPress security doesn’t ensure nothing wrong will happen to your website. But it ensures if anything wrong happens, its simply fixed.

Wordpress Security

How to Secure Your WordPress Website


Malicious IP Scan and Blocking

Regularly monitoring potential malicious IP and blocking it is also a part of WordPress maintenance package.

Regular Malware Scanning

Regularly your website is scanned for malware and your site is monitored under our WordPress maintenance package.

Uptime Monitoring

We ensure that your WordPress sites will continue to run smoothly so that your business can continue to function at full capacity. But if something does go wrong, we’ll be the first one to know.


Malware Removal

Needless to say, any malware found is immediately removed and you are notified as well. This is most critical service under WordPress maintenance and we make this piece smooth.

Regular Offsite Backup

With our WordPress maintenance services, we ensure a back up of your site is taken regularly and stored offsite so that it can be restored easily and immediately if needed.

Comment Moderation

We regularly moderate your posts comments and remove spam comments and approve the non-spam comments.

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