Learn how to improve your WordPress Loading Speed with WordPress Loading Speed Optimization 

What Is WordPress Loading Speed

The loading speed of a website can make or break the success of a site. You can have awesome content and a similar site can have mediocre content, but if your pages load extremely slowly and your competition’s pages load extremely fast, your competition is more likely to get the traffic and not you. We take care of your website loading speed optimization and it comes under our WordPress Maintenance Services.

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What Improves WordPress Loading Speed

Bi Monthly Speed Check

Every fortnight, we check your website speed and find out the areas of improvement and fix it wherever required. Our WordPress Loading Speed Optimization services can help you get the same.


GZIP Compression

Gzip compression allows a website page to be transferred to a browser at up to 70% of its original size. The browser will then decompress the page and display it to the user. This reduces the WordPress loading speed. Our range of services includes that as well.

Image Optimization

Images can help break up long pieces of text and can help you catch up your viewer’s interest on your content and can also help you get your url shares on social media and other places. However, they also take up a lot of storage. Therefore, pages that contain many images can take a long time to load. Our WordPress Loading Speed Optimization works include Images Optimization as well.

Minify and Combine CSS and Javascript

Every call to CSS and Javascript files is an HTTP request which means when a visitors land on your web page, their computer sends a request for a file and then the server sends it back. The more requests there are to your server, the longer it will take for your pages to load. Minifying and combining Css and javascript in a single file can make the WordPress loading speed much fast. Our web design package includes the same as well.

Browser Caching

Some of the largest files in a website change very occasionally like the CSS file, Javascript, logos etc. Browser caching allows internet users to speed up the loading time of their favorite websites by storing a cached copy of your website locally. This reduces calls to your server and saves the user from downloading the same files again. This service is also included in WordPress Loading Speed Optimization Services under WordPress Maintenance Services.

Web Hosting

It’s very important factor as server response time can be one of the prime factors of wordpress loading speed. Our every website is hosted on SSD RAID-10 storage array’s for blazing fast page loads & reliability.

Correct Plugins

Too Many Plugins can always decrease the WordPress loading speed. Also, some plugins simply pull down the WordPress speed as they may be poorly coded, calls external servers and much more. We monitor every plugin, remove unnecessary plugins and it helps to boost your WordPress loading speed.

Applying Cache

A Caching plugin allows you to publish static HTML files instead of dynamic files. This greatly reduces the time a page takes to load as there are no PHP or MySQL commands to execute. It also helps in improving WordPress Loading Speed and our range of services cover that also.

Right Theme

WordPress themes and plugins also plays a vital role in the WordPress loading speed. Poorly coded theme with lots of images can bring down the WordPress speed. Every wordpress theme we use is made by professionals and they are constantly updated and improved. We use developer license of themes and before we make any purchase or installation, we thoroughly check and only install the theme if we are comfortable using the same. One multi-purpose theme we use is a premium theme and most popular one. Your website is developed on a premium theme in every web design package. You can see a demo of our theme here.

Content Delivery Network

While your hosting will be at one location from where the data is sent, a content delivery network has a pool of data center at different locations in the world and it helps you deliver your contents through the nearest data center to the visitor and hence it can improve the WordPress loading speed and we cover that also in our services.

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