Investing on a personal e-commerce store helps in branding your business in a great way. It helps you build a huge number of loyal customers because here you own all your customer data and shopping analytics.

Setting up your own E-commerce store apart from cataloging your products in Marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon or eBay is just like opening a brand new exclusive Showroom of your fabulous products along with making your products available in any Hypermarket or Mall.

Though the benefits of cataloging your products in marketplaces are huge, to reap the full benefit; you must also invest in your own e-commerce store. 

For obvious reasons marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon or eBay have a large customer base. This is going to attract a bunch of sellers, many of whom would be your potential customers.

There is no doubt that Marketplaces have a huge online presence and get a ton of daily traffic. Amazon alone has over 244 million active users! With this large of a customer base, you’re bound to see an increase in your sales.

But as it’s so easy to sell through these marketplaces, you will also witness a ton of competition from other sellers and then some more from the marketplace itself.

When selling on a marketplace, your products may get lost in the crowd and you may not get the exposure that you expect.

In Marketplaces, you have a standard code and fixed way of displaying your inventory. You cannot afford much creativity in showcasing your products online on those sites.

But if you invest on your own e-commerce store you can be both genuinely creative in terms of product display and create out of box product catalogs.

And finally, you should invest in your own e-commerce store for obvious marketing basics. Market mapping and robust marketing strategies are the two pillars which ensure Business Success or doom.

Investing in your own e-commerce store helps you garner better marketing intelligence as you have access to all the customer data. These stats comprise of Customer demographics, visiting hours, data of repeat footfalls, shopping pattern and other invaluable information.

Besides, you can directly link your e-commerce sites with social media sites to optimize your digital marketing campaigns.  You can give ads to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the like directly driving more traffic to your own e-commerce site.

Finally, if you own your own e-commerce store, you can add a host of marketing strategies.

Like you can offer free shipping, gifts with purchase, weekly or daily freebies, host contests, exclusive exit offer and the like. These are bound to not only create a bevy of loyal customers but more and more new buyers.

Also, if you invest in your own e-commerce store you can have a visual cafeteria in your sites like blogging page related to your products, vblogs, product videos and many such things which will boost the authenticity of your brand.

You may also choose to integrate live chat, shipping updates via email and SMS and online payment gateways.

These features will help you not only manage your business seamless but also enable a smooth online experience for your customers – even now they can pre-book your products.

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