While most businesses, nowadays, opt for social media marketing as a way of connecting and communicating with their target audience, still a lot of businesses do not know how to optimize social media platforms to their advantage. 

Till today in many cases, hashtags are important for social media posts. One of the aspects of social media marketing is utilizing proper hashtags in the proper place. Sometimes you have to invent unique hashtags, sometimes you have to get them right. But surprisingly a great many business owners have a hard time mastering is the hashtag, a simple, yet powerful tool, that can help drive new leads.

Why Hashtags are important for social media posts? 

Simply put, hashtags are a word or combination of words placed after the pound sign (#) that are used frequently nowadays throughout social media posts in order to connect with a topic. 

Who Invented the all-important Hashtag for Social Media Posts?

The hashtag was first brought to Twitter on August 23, 2007, by Chris Messina. Before this, the hash (or pound) symbol had been used in various ways around the web, which helped Chris in developing his detailed suggestion for using hashtags on Twitter.

Hashtags can sometimes be best understood by relating them to categories of social media content. They work by allowing users to search for content related to a specific topic or theme category, organized by related hashtags. Sometimes it helps to think of hashtags like a search engine for social media content.

How Hashtags can be Important for and Boost Social Media Posts?

 Social media posts of any business can benefit by tracking specific hashtags related to their industry and targeting audiences based on the types of hashtags they are using. 

Particular hashtags can also help to create online communities and meaningful conversations centered around any special events, breaking news, and trending topics. Hashtags allow businesses to both track and take part in these conversations.

Hashtags are important because, when used properly, they can positively impact a business’s social KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Most businesses can use hashtags in order to boost engagement (increase the number of likes and comments on social media posts).

There are millions and millions of contents in the social media network. It’s quite likely that your social media post will get lost. Hence, the solution is using hashtags. 

Hashtags are great ways to make your posts visible to more and more people online. Hashtags play a pivotal role in raising awareness about your brand too. 

How to Use Hashtags Properly to Help Make Social Media Posts Gain Importance?

 In the social media world, you need to be more creative. You need to decide whether or when need to get creative with hashtags or not. Research the trending hashtags and use those that go well with your content. In social media marketing, a lot depends on your hashtags to help your business get discovered amidst competitors.

Today every social media site comes with a “trending now” or “explore” page showing popular hashtags and the corresponding movements that are trending. 

You can easily join these movements and attach these hashtags to your social media posts. This way you can build followers and expand your connections.

When hashtagging your posts on Instagram, you can use it generously and surveys say that it can generate more than 41% more interaction. But Twitter and Facebook require a 2-3 of hashtags max. usage per social media post.

You can also create your own signature hashtags to generate more followers. Though it needs to be determined whether to use it in conjunction with more popular trending hashtags for attracting more and more followers or use it alone to create a trending conversation in social media.

Do not get carried away using a hashtag every couple of words in your social media posts. Though hashtags are important for social media posts but in most cases, one or two hashtags have more impact than the relevant rest of them.

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