Why do authors need a personal branding website?

The first thing that readers do once they’ve finished a book they enjoyed, is that they try to find out more about the author who wrote the book! 

If you haven’t planned ahead and created a personal branding website for yourself, chances are your readers are going to Google your name only to be brought to your Facebook page, or a Twitter link or a LinkedIn or Instagram profile. 

While there likely isn’t anything wrong with your social media presence, they probably aren’t the ideal landing area for potential clients, readers or fans who don’t know much about you yet.

 You need to tell them a story – you story in a far more cohesive manner!

A ‘personal brand’ is someone who markets themselves and what they do as their brand. 

You probably hear the word “branding” several times a day. It has become one of the most common subjects in entrepreneurship — and for good reason. Personal branding isn’t just another example of marketing jargon. It’s actually critical to your online presence and to your business’s success.

You might have thought of your business’s brand, but what about your personal brand? Even if you don’t make any attempts to create a personal brand, it already exists if you are active online.

Personal branding refers to the process of establishing your public persona for your target audience. It involves carefully and accurately communicating your values, beliefs, goals, and purpose.

Taking control of your personal brand puts you in the driver’s seat. You get to control the narrative and show your audience what you want them to see.

Creating a personal branding website means you are curating aspects of your own personality through your online posts and presenting yourself in the best possible light to achieve your Knowledge Commerce business goals.

If you want to build a convincing personal brand today, you need a personal brand website. That’s your own personal platform from which you can share your digital products, blog posts, webinars, and any other content you think would interest your audience.

Your blog is something you own but you don’t own your social media profiles; Facebook or Twitter could disappear in an instant and take with it all of the content you have shared. 

While that’s not a likely scenario, you still want your own personal space for online branding purposes. A personal branding website serves that purpose. It helps you break the clutter.

With a personal brand website, you can keep your readers coming back for more by producing regular blog posts, videos, snippets of your upcoming works or podcasts. 

Providing a steady stream of audio, video or written content will help you build a loyal following that will come in handy once you write more books or use your website to advertise services such as new book launch offers, coaching, paid courses and more.

Understanding your target audience and identifying the core market is quite important in building an endearing personal brand. This may be easier than you think if you are already writing for a niche.

Instead of blindly marketing your books or e-books It’s important to think of how you can attract visitors to your site and convince them to provide their e-mail addresses in order to start building a mailing list – which will act as your most powerful marketing tool. 

The most straight forward strategy is to offer bonuses in line with your book’s topic. Hand over valuable checklists cheat sheets or sample chapters in PDF format to your readers after inviting them to provide their contact details.

 The complimentary content you provide on a book bonus landing page will engage your audience while simultaneously growing your mailing list!

Everyone has a story to tell. As an author, you write stories all the time. Stories run the world and help us all connect with one another. Once you have identified your brand personality, it is time to identify your personal story of the journey from when you started writing to where you are today as a writer. 

Start writing your brand story with your website in an exciting and convincing way. We are not advocating lies. We are simply asking you to use your skills, your works, your thoughts and ideas to write a compelling story that will connect with people.

A personal brand story is really critical in your success as a writer and an author. 

Your writing skill and talent is of the utmost importance. But a strong brand story will gain the exposure you deserve and bring your writing in front of a larger audience.

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