the 5A process which can help you to generate leads and build satisfied customer base 


This is the stage when people are strangers i.e. they are not aware of your brand. So, this stage is about Creating and Building Your Brand and reaching the strangers. Reaching the stranger doesn’t mean reaching everyone. Reaching the strangers mean you need to reach your target market. Hence, this stage involves : 

  • Defining Your Niche and defining the buyer’s journey.
  • Understanding what problems you solve for them or What exactly you do for them
  • Identifying the channels and methods through which you can reach them
  • Structuring and Developing content according to the Niche and Channels
  • Start reaching the Niche

The objective of this stage – The objective of this stage is to reach the strangers.

What you do – In this stage, you normally show what you do i.e. what your brand is all about. It’s the brand message which needs to be conveyed at this stage.


This stage starts when you are getting visitors. This stage helps you to convert the strangers to visitors. Once you have the proper reach about your brand, you need to attract them to convert as visitors. Believe me or not, people hardly get attracted to your brand. What drive strangers to visit you is their pain points or their challenges. So, ideally, this stage involves: 

  • Developing Content of different kinds of challenges that your ideal customers might face.
  • Developing content on specific pain points of the customers.
  • Distributing the content across different channels and in different formats.

The Objective of this stage – The objective of this stage is to attract the strangers whom you already reaching for awareness to know further about you and convert them as visitors.

What you do – In this stage, you normally create and distribute content on the challenges and the pain points of the ideal customers.


This stage starts once you get visitors. One the visitors get interested to know more about you, you must take the opportunity to convert them as leads. And, to do so, you have to simply amaze them with a non-resistible offer. Depending on the buyer persona and niche, you can design your offers. These can be anything from A report or a Book, or a course or a masterclass or a report a discount coupon and so on. Ideally, these free offer can be anything related to the pain point of the visitors. So, ideally, this stage involves :

  •  Planning Irresistible OfferDeveloping the Offer
  • Developing Funnels for the Offer
  • Creating a Thank You Page
  • Developing and Implementing Strategies to reach the visitors with the offer
  • Creating a system to store the leads and their details

The objective of this stage – The objective of this stage is to convert the visitors to leads by amazing them with irresistible offers.

What you do – In this stage, you strategize, create and promote irresistible offers to your ideal customers who are visiting your site.


This stage starts after you get leads from your offers. This stage is about slowly acquiring the leads which mean converting leads to customers. This stage is for making a sale but the most important thing that you need to remember is – Sales is always need-based. It’s about when the customer has a need for the same. There are instances when the customers immediately make a buying decision but there are lots of instances when the customers take time to decide. So, your main job in this stage is to support the customer in the entire buying process. And here the buyer’s journey helps. So, you need to nurture the leads which might support them to make a buying decision. So, with the buyer persona, you need to create a buyer’s journey which can have different stages and create contents accordingly. You must keep in your mind, your job should be to educate the leads and move the leads through various stages of buyers journey by providing educative and supportive content rather than making a sale. In this stage, there can be other offers at various stages that can be strategized for better segregation of leads. So, ideally, this stage involves :

  • Creating content to support buying decision
  • Educating Leads
  • Developing and strategizing contents as per the buyer’s journey
  • Creating different offers as per the buyer’s journey.
  • Segmenting leads as per the buyers journey and developing content accordingly.

The objective of this stage – The objective of this stage is to convert the leads to customers by providing educative content and support them at all stages of the buyer journey.

What you do – In this stage, you draw the buyers journey, create and develop content as per the buyer’s journey, creating different offers at different stages of buyer journey and move leads from one stage to another across buyers journey.


This stage comes after you have customers. There is nothing more than having satisfied customers. Rather, that should be one of the prime objectives of any business. This stage gets the customer attached to your brand. When the customer is attached to your brand, they become your brand ambassador. So, this all about providing customers wonderful experience, helping customers to meet the objectives that they have with your products or services, staying connected with customers, engaging customers, getting customer reviews, getting references from customers, sharing customer success and so on. So, ideally, this stage involves: 

  • Helping Customers
  • Sending engaging content
  • Getting Reviews
  • Creating customer success
  • Implementing customer feedbacks
  • Giving customers a sense of ownership

The objective of this stage – The objective of this stage is to retain your customers and convert the customers to your brand ambassador.

What you do – In this stage, you deliver your promise, keep on engaging customers, help them in all possible ways to fulfill what they want from you, do something special to make them feel privileged and slowly make them your brand ambassador.

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