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Let us Take Care of your SYSTEMS and you Take Care of your BUSINESS 

About Our Tech Support Service For Coaches

Your Office or Home or any Equipment you use and in that case, the device on which you are reading this needs maintenance and constant upgradations. Hence, there cannot be any reason why your website doesn’t require any maintenance – especially when it’s serving your coaching business. From posting blogs, Adding modifying pages, The technological changes, updations, security, changes in your business and almost everything is covered under our Tech support service. We take your stress out by managing your WordPress site by doing all of the hard work for you. Fiddling with backups, updates, maintenance and security is a thing of the past now.

The Process

as simple as that


Monthly Call

Every month, we connect for a monthly call and draw the strategies for the month based on data and user experience.



We collect your deliverables to us and we prepare the changes/enhancements to your website accordingly.



We implement the required changes along with the regular WordPress works and study the effect of the changes and record accordingly.

Just Like You, We Specialize in Our Business. So, Let us take care of Your System and You Take Care of Your Business.

ONLY USD 89 Per Month

What’s Included In the Monthly Tech Support Service For Coaching Business

Wordpress Updates

 All trouble of handling complex updates and ensuring smooth functionalities taken care by us. 

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WordPress is constantly adding up with more and more features as nowadays a large number of websites are built on WordPress. These changes are implemented in the form of updates. We keep your WordPress website always updated.

Pages and Images Modification

Whenever necessary, we will take care of your entire editing and updating part. 

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Pages and images on your website can never be constant. They also need to be updated or modified. Our tech support Service ensures whenever you need to change the content and images of your webpage, it’s done in the next 48 hours.

Audience Analytics

We do the analytics part and send you a monthly report on the same.

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Analytics play a vital role in your coaching business. You must know from where people are landing your site, how they are behaving, what pages they are browsing, whats the total traffic and its diversification, demographics of the traffic and so on. You get a monthly report on the same.

Wordpress Loading Speed

Just like you, we also hate slow sites. So, we ensure the speed is maintained always

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As your tech support, we keep an eye on your website speed weekly and we ensure your speed is proper by making all the necessary changes. 


IP Scan and Blocking

We ensure the Malicious and suspicious IP is tracked and blocked as well. 

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We ensure all the IPs through which the traffic is coming is monitored and any unnatural or abnormal traffic is reported and Blocked. Malicious IP scanning and blocking is a part of our tech support. 

Updating Themes And Plugins

All the feature and technical updates of plugins and themes taken care by us. 

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Being theme built and maintained by professionals, the themes regularly changed as per the changes in WordPress and technological advancements. Same happens with the plugins we use in your web designing. We ensure in our  Website Enhancement Service that your theme and plugins are always updated.

Adding New Pages and Blogs

Your site needs regular content updates in form of pages and Blogs. We take care of that.

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Adding and creating  / Modifying / Deleting a page or a blog is a part of our Tech Support service for Coaches. Your website should have regular blogs and contents added. So, you simply need to intimate us, we will complete the work within 48 hours.

Regular Offsite Backups

We help you maintain an offsite backup of your web elements.

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With our tech support pack, we ensure a back up of your site is taken regularly and the same is stored offsite so that it can be restored easily and immediately if needed.


Comment Moderation

We monitor your comments and filter each of them before approving.

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We ensure we see all the incoming comments and filter each of them before approving. Also, we mark spam comments and block them from unnecessary coming in.


Malware Scan and Removal

We scan and monitor any kind of malware and ensure you are in safe hands.

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We ensure your website’s safety and we constantly scan for malware and remove the same when found. Our tech support service ensures your coaching business is in safe hands. 

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