Social Media Designs

You Ideate and We Create

We all know the importance of Social Media in today’s date. Being an Influencer, its more important for your business than others. You simply can’t afford to stay out of it. And to stay in it, you need quality posts which we help you to create! Social Media Designs  – where you ideate and we create!

Let Us Sell You First

Are you an influencer (a coach, author or trainer) trying hard to make a mark? Have kept no stone unturned to build your brand? Yet day by day your social following is touching a new low?

Don’t worry! It’s said texts are read, videos are viewed but images are liked and shared!!! Is “a picture worth 1,000 words?” Yes — if you have the right pictures.

Think for a while! These are the days when almost all the entire branding is done via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You may write a good blog and share the link in social media. But if the picture is not a captivating one – surely nobody cares to have a look!

Regular posting across social media can make you an influencer in your niche. Posting consistency is more important than posting frequency. Though Content quality is more important than content quantity (and social media networks are letting us know with all the changes).

Consistent imagery across platforms builds your brand recall. Marketers are told time and time again to create “unique” content. Unique and consistent imagery behind all of your social presence represents a one-of-a-kind voice.


Images help your audience remember your message. So, it’s time to post more visuals as a social media marketing strategy! But it can be a daunting task if you must create all the visuals all by yourself and plan it all by you!

Don’t worry!

Let us take care of all your social media designs! Just tell us what you want to share in social media for the next 30 days and then you can relax! We shall create the visuals for social media for the next 30 days at one go and that will definitely help grow your social media followers and boost your online brand!

What You Get

  • Social Media Channel Selection
  • 30 Social Media Graphics Design with 2 Revisions

Questions In Mind?


What I actually get?

You get 30 Social Media Graphics Design with 2 Revision which you can post in your social media.

Can I get the PSD File?

We do not share PSD files but we can deliver either in png formats for jpg formats whichever you prefer.


What I need to provide you with?

You need to give us your logo, your brand mood and the copy of the images.

Process and Payments

What is the process to start with?

Here is the complete process to get started.

  1. Book a call with us: We will have a discussion with you to understand your branding like your social media strategy font preferences, color preferences, if you have any specifications for the background images to be used, etc
  2. Proposal and Payment: Once the call is complete and we both are good to go ahead, we will send you a proposal on what we have discussed and we will send you an invoice amounting $49 as non-refundable booking money. 
  3. Detailed Sheet: After the payment is made, we will send you a detailed sheet that has a list of all the elements that you need to provide us to start working on the design.
  4. Delivery of the Designs: Once we have got the elements as per the sheet, the designs will be delivered within 72 hours from then
How much does it cost?

30 Social Media Designs Cost $49

How Do I Pay ?

We raise you PayPal invoice in USD only, which you can pay through your PayPal account or credit card.


Design and Tech

Do I need to send you Images?

You can send us a few images for Ideating Your Choice better. Also, if you want to use your images in some designs, you can send your images for that. And for the rest, we will take care of that

What Will be the Size Of those Images?

The size will depend on the social media account you would choose.

How do I choose colors and fonts?

Colors are normally dependent on your target audience and logo. You can get your brand guideline developed or you can choose colors and color combinations for your website and send us. You can explore the following link to choose colors: https://colorpalettes.net  You can pan our fonts accordingly and send us the fonts of your choice for Header and Body to be used. Else, you can ask us to suggest as well.


Can I ask for revision after delivery?

Once we have delivered the designs, you can ask for revisions within 2 days from the date we delivered each image and the changes will be done accordingly.

Read A Lot?  Time to Take Action!

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Click the below button and Book a Non-Obligatory 60 Minutes Call with us. We will have a discussion with you to understand your branding like your social media strategy font preferences, color preferences, if you have any specifications for the background images to be used, etc. It doesn’t matter whether we both decide to work or not after the call, but we can assure you that speaking to us will give you lots of ideas to improve, scale and grow your business for sure.  We are just a click away! Grab 60 minutes over a cup of virtual coffee.