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Whether you are into any business or profession, there might be an opportunity that customer might directly pay and start using your products or availing your services immediately upon purchase. You may be selling some kind of product that you manufacture or trade, or you sell some kind of books, or you may sell some kind of courses for digital downloads like courses, you might be selling online membership and so on. In this case, you must need an E Commerce website with added features as per your requirement. Selling online takes your business boundary less and it helps you boost your revenues and hence adding profits. We help you create and manage your E -commerce business the way you want it to be. Below are some of the features that are available with our services :

Below are some of the features that are available with our services :

Wordpress + Woocommerce

While you might read the advantages of having small business and profession website on WordPress, Woo commerce simply empowers the WordPress websites to sell online. Woo commerce is powered by more than 28% of world E-Commerce websites and especially it’s very popular amongst small business. You might read more about Woo Commerce here.

Sale On Store

It’s quick and takes few minutes to change the pricing and add a sale on your store.

Responsive Store

With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, every website needs to ensure they open properly from all devices. We will ensure that your e-commerce store opens from all devices properly.

Shipping Methods

You can define what shipping method to use in which case. The shipping method in your store might be dependent on the area or the order value.

Fast Loading

The world is changing at a high speed and no one gets attracted to anything slow. And in case of a website, its just clicking the cross button if the website is not fast loading. We will ensure your store is always loading fast.


Online Chat

With your store, an online chat facility is integrated where your customers can ask different pre sales questions or request support if needed. You can chat with your customers through a mobile app.

Payment gateway

Depending upon the country, your payment gateway will be integrated, tested and made live for Hassle Free payments processing by your customers.

Email Alerts

Depending on the country, your E-Commerce will send email alerts to Order Received, Order Processed, Order Shipped with Shipping Details and Order Complete to customer’s email Id registered at your e-commerce store

Create Offers

You will be able to create different offers like – 10% Off on first purchase, Use Coupon MY20 to get 20% off, Buy 2 get 3rd one free and so on in your e-commerce store during different occasions.

Customer Reviews

Once the order is complete, you can send your customers to review the product in exchange for some offers to motivate them to do so.

Gift Cards

You may enable your Visitors to send gift card of your store during different occasions like birth day, anniversaries and so on. Also, your store may send your customers gift cards on their birthdays or other occasions.

Social Media Integration

Social media is not only for getting traffic but also to win customer confidence. The more people interact with your brand on social media, the more are chances of proving your social dominance and it will boost your image and sales – both. Your store will integrate all your social media account so that your customers from social media can land up to your store and vice versa.

Product Addition and Stock

You can easily add products to your store in few minutes and get the product running. Also, you can maintain your stock quantity easily.


Easy Return Processing

You will be able to process to resolve customer dissatisfaction and returns from your E-commerce store.

SMS Alerts

Depending on the country, your E Commerce will send SMS alerts on Order Received, Order Processed, Order Shipped with Shipping Details and Order Complete to the mobile number of your customers registered at your E-commerce store.

Customer Details and Mass Promotion

You might wish your customers during some festivals or let them know an offer going on through email by clicking one button after typing the mail. We integrate your store with such application.


Needless to say, with the power of fast information flow, security becomes a big concern. And for an E-commerce store, website security is as important as creating the store. Apart from SSL, your store should be regularly monitored and we take care of this part as well.We take website security very seriously and hence, we ensure your website is always secured. Monitoring, Backups, Regular Scanning, Malware Removal, IP Blocking and much more are included in this WordPress E-commerce Security.


Support Ticket

Your store will come with a support ticket system integrated. Where customers can create support tickets and its resolved as per TAT for a better customer experience.

Managed Ongoing Services

Once your E-commerce store is up and running, we undertake managed ongoing services, which includes:

  • Unlimited Product Addition Deletion and Modification
  • Stock Maintenance
  • Order Processing
  • Addition of Coupons / Offers and make relevant pages and campaigns
  • Designing and sending regular mailers to customers
  • Chat Support with your customers
  • Support Ticket Processing and Resolution
  • WordPress E-commerce Speed Maintenance
  • WordPress E-commerce Security
  • Monthly report on business done, traffic and different activities performed and recommendations.

You simply need to send us your requirements/stock updates/offers via email or WhatsApp and it will be implemented in next 2 working days.

Apart from all the regular features of E-commerce store powered by WordPress, these above features make your store more lively and cool added with our super slick designs, responsive layouts, and superb user experience.

Every business objective is different. So different are their product range and services. Hence, needless to say, every E-commerce website we will create will be different. If you find our concepts, works and dedication interesting and you have a project on E-commerce in mind, it’s time to just get started. The best time to do anything you want is always NOW.

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