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Quick Sites

Help you Launch Your Business Quick

If you are just starting out as an influencer or, on a low budget and want a quick site to get going, the Quik Sites can be exactly what you might be looking for. We will get you up in the next 48 hours and it starts as low as $297.

Let Us Sell You First

Are you an influencer (particularly Coaches, authors, and trainers) who is new in the business in a dilemma to opt for a website builder or hire a web developer?

A quick site can be a solution to jumpstart your business and start creating a personal brand!

Trust us in the first phase of your business, if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket if you want to keep things really simple and want your business to be a smooth sailing process from the kickstart – you have a quick option – that is opting for Quick Web Sites!!!

We offer you to deliver you a stunning 5-page website within the next 48 hours! Once you schedule an appointment and then provide us the website copy and images, we will make your amazing website go live within the next 2 days!!!

We can help you choose from plenty of web designs to inspire and awe your clients and convert them to qualified leads. We can create websites they will never hold you back and ensure you’ll always be 100% original!!!

A great website can be defined as ‘an idea designed for maximum impact’. Our main target, while developing a website, is to strike the right chord with the target audience

Don’t worry!

We are there to get you online with unique design and experience that will exactly speak your brand. And we will get all these up within 48 hours!

What You Get

  • Website Built On WordPress.
  • Built with DIVI Theme
  • Your Choice colors and fonts.
  • Mobile Responsive Pages
  • Fast Loading
  • Scaleble Anytime
  • Secured
  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Work With Me Page
  • Contact Page
  • Blog Page

Questions In Mind?


What pages are included ?

For $297, you get the following pages : 

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Work With Me Page / Services Page
  • A blog page where all your blogs are pulled.
  • Contact Me Page


What to do If I need additional Pages?

You can let us know in case of any additional pages and we will quote you accordingly. 


Are Domain and Hosting Included in this?

No. Domain and Hosting are not included in this. You can buy a domain from GoDaddy or any other place. For Hosting, we recommend Siteground. If you buy Siteground from our affiliate link, you get $ 25 discount on any services that you buy. Here is our affiliate link. And if you want us to buy a domain and hosting for you, we can suggest you the best deal and complete the purchase on your behalf. 


Is copywriting included in this?

No. Copywriting is not included in this. If you need copy of the pages to be written, we have lots of copywriters working as freelancers with us and we can get you the details of them. We don’t charge anything from you or from them doing so. 


Do I get support after the site is complete?

Yes. You can get all changes done for images or contents of any page for the first 15 days after the site is complete and launched. After that, you can do it yourself or you may want us to continue support with our support plan for USD 59 per month which includes all updates, loading speed, maintenance, tweaking pages, blog posting, website security, and backups. 


Process and Payments

What is the process to start with?

Here is the complete process to get started.

  1. Book a call with us: We will discuss on your website, what all you already have, what all you need, how to proceed and we will cover each and every detail about your website. Also, we will discuss on the pages that you need and tentative layouts for the same.
  2. Proposal and Payment: Once the call is complete and we both are good to go ahead, we will send you a proposal on what we have discussed and we will send you an invoice amounting $125 as non-refundable booking money. 
  3. Detailed Sheet: After the payment is made, we will send you a detailed sheet that has a list of all the elements, images, copy and other details that you need to provide us to start working on the website.
  4. Support Group: Post payment, we create a group on Messenger or Whatsapp which includes our team members.It helps speed up communication and support flows.
  5. Website Built up:  Once we receive all the details from you, we start building up your website. You can see the works live and we complete and get you live within 48 hours from when we start.
  6. Balance Payment: Once the website is live, we raise you the invoice for the balance amount for payment. 
  7. Ongoing Support: Once your website is launched, we work on the responsiveness and loading speed of the website and do all the fixes that are required. Also, you can let us know any changes in images, colors, copy or tweaking of any page for next 15 days. 
How Do I Pay ?

We raise you PayPal invoice in USD only, which you can pay through your PayPal account or credit card.


Design and Tech

How do I choose layouts?

When we connect over the call, we plan your pages and we send you 3-4 layouts for each of the pages to choose from. If you are not satisfied, you can request us to send you more layouts as well.

How do I choose colors and fonts?

Colors are normally dependent on your target audience and logo. You can get your brand guideline developed or you can choose colors and color combinations for your website and send us. You can explore the following link to choose colors: https://colorpalettes.net  You can pan our fonts accordingly and send us the fonts of your choice for Header and Body to be used. Else, you can ask us to suggest as well.


What all can be integrated?

As you can scale up this website, the integrations are unlimited. Normally the following are the common things that you may link up with your website: 

  • Online appointment booking page
  • Link to buy your products/books
  • Link to your funnels if any
  • Subscribe to your mailing list
  • Link to your online courses

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