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When Beauty is your Business, you need to create a niche website for your spas and salons. Be chic, build website which is elegantly and stylishly fashionable. Be simplistic in your signature and styles of your website, and voila you’re in vogue.

Here are top few reasons why you should build a business:

It creates your brand: Having a stylish website gives your service a likeable personality as you immediately differentiate yourself from crowd. People see you as something which is different, capable of providing classy service and create bold fashion statements. Thus a website becomes your 24x7 brand ambassador.

Helps you provide customer satisfaction: You can leverage your website to help clients book appointments, which is as good as making a big leap in terms of using your facilities to provide the maximum customer satisfaction. People are busy – thus your website ensures they are not kept waiting.

Create buzz around your business: A website with regular blogs, discounts, coupons and seasonal offers – is good for creating buzz among clients. Customers like discounts, offers and coupons, free fashion and beauty tips. They want to know the hot trends. So a beautiful website can be a landing page for party animals.

Women (and men too) love to research about looks: These days even kids are fashion conscious leaving apart women and men. So people would like to check in your website and read beauty blogs and pricing bundles and compare with other spa and salons before they pay visit. Today content marketing is the key to draw regular crowds to your salon or spa.

Few Inclusions you might have in your website

A Well Structured Home Page

This is your first point of digital contact to the world. Balance between oomph and oxygen in this page. You need to be uber-cool and stylishly simplistic in this website. This page should be very clean. Few tabs or buttons you need to add in the menu of home page are:

  • About page
  • Services
  • Membership packages
  • Offer
  • Gallery
  • Social media pages


Here you have to put in all your services. Segregate hair and makeup, skin and body care and other spa specialities. For each segment do mention timings, packages and prices and discounts. You have to mention that men’s and women’s facilities are segregated. So also you will have to keep space for family packages and facilities.

Offer packages

Offer personalized packages in this section. Brand your packages with posh, suave and charming names. The discount offers should be bold enough to draw attention of visitors.

About Page

You have to keep this section or page very short. In brief tell about your company. And let the images entice and electrify your visitors for the rest.

Membership programs and promos

Membership packages should be added in this section. Add special offers, promo offers, discount coupons and offers in this section. If you are launching any loyalty program do highlight here.


Add clear, regal pictures of your establishment sprinkled with fabulous interiors of your spa and salon. If you have gathered complimentary testimonials of your clienteles of your service and salon interiors and environment do put in under pics of respective galleries.

Social media pages

Social media buttons should be added strategically to your site for pulling visitors. In this section you can add also v Blogs and crisp short blogs. Portray fashionista blogs advocating style statements which are outrageous, funky and bold. Be moody, and add shades of passion colours and polka in your social campaign section.

Features what you get with your website

Core Features

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  • 2 Email ID
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Designing & Building Tools

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  • Intuitive & Responsive Design
  • Customized Blog Section
  • Woocommerce Integration
  • Product Design
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Regular WordPress Updates

Hosting Utilities & Settings

  • 3 GB SSD Hosting
  • 30 GB Monthy Bandwidth
  • Hosting CPanel
  • Regular Backups
  • 100% Uptime & Security
  • SSL By Lets Encrypt
  • Cloud Flare Free Plan Integration

Ongoing Website Management

  • Theme/Plugins Update
  • Addition, Deletion, Updation Of Pages
  • Addition, Deletion, Updation Of Products
  • Custom Order Processing

Security & Backup

  • Inbuilt Virus Protection
  • Weekly Website Maleware Scanning
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  • Malicious IP Scanning & Blocking

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Stellar Class Support

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