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Does your restaurant embody this essence that food and wine are the body and soul of good living? Bring this aura and kick to a platter of millions through your website. An elegant clean website is the most beautiful thing in your decor apart from your dishes and it’s an Objet d’art you can flaunt.

Savouring food starts by the sensuality of its aroma and colour: Today speciality restaurants are known by their genre. So why you should not create an enchanting website which oozes your culinary specialities, your vintage bottles, the ambiance of your restaurant.

Help your customers book a table in advance: The most beautiful process of cooking is time… the most beautiful essence of wine is time. You can share this appetizer through your website. But do let them book a table through your website so that visitors can spend quality time in tête-à-tête before they enjoy a sumptuous dinner.

Create a buzz online and build your brand: A website creates online buzz and slowly builds brands. Through website you can share some of the most exquisite ingredients of your restaurant recipes so people find you an authentic restaurant. Through blogs, colourful and elegant pictures of your ambiance your website creates your brand. As more and more customers are reached online, they flock in to savour your dishes.

Few Inclusions you might have in your website

Home Page

The home page is like the decor of your dining table. It shows your finer taste. Food is emotional and something that should be shared with extreme delicacy and subtlety. Grace and poise matters the most. So make your visitors wait in tepid anxiousness before you throw open the gala experience of your website to them. A moment of silence matters before you open the champagne bottles.

Online booking section

If you provide home delivery services, or services to special occasions like marriage party, office get-togethers or birthday celebrations, here put all the info and customer care contact nos. The instructions, billing info or fill-up forms must be simple and ease of use.

Buffet, food and wine festivals, family a la carte offer section

Buffet, food and wine festivals, family a la carte offers are most popular these days. Food festivals are the thing, where people love to meet in group. As food and wine connoisseurs are coming to flock together these days from across the globe to authentic cuisine and country vintages, woo them here with your offers.

Wine catalog

Friendship is like wine, and people do celebrate vintage friendship with exclusive wines. Don’t make people who come in groups discontent and unhappy when they leave your restaurant. Showcase your exclusive beverages with happy strains and snippets from your cellar. Use sparking pictures.

Connect us page

Connect us page is important to stay connected and keep tab on customer loyalty. Keep social media icons in this page. Also display restaurant hours, contact info and e-mail ids.


The Menu page

This is where everybody gets hungry. Throw open the party with choicest delicacies from the kitchen. Images and party and poetry of colours- nothing else matters

Table registration & private dining

Here you should provide updates of availability of tables as frequently as you can. Visitors, lovers, newly married couples, or people on their date nights love exclusiveness, warmth and awe. Help them soak in silence and sound.


Party and banquet facilities

Party and banquet facilities are something which delivers many a purple evenings to delighted family and friends with showers of melodies. Good picture, good narration with music in background will help you highlight your blessed space where people can go merry.

About us

Here give crisp details about your company and your legacy if you have any. If your company is a start up take pride in showcasing the who’s who of your chefs and your specialities. You must put the philosophy behind your services and future ambitions as well. Give hospitality accreditations of your company as well in this page.


Food & wine blogs

You need to blogs regularly as both are important for SEO and content marketing. The more juice you put in – the better would be your browser visibility. Blogs should be simple. It may be blogs on Easter or Christmas, any special dish or how you pick the fresh ingredients for your delicacies.

Gallery & Testimonials

Put nice pictures in gallery section, accentuated with visitors and clientele testimonials. Nice pictures, nice videos, nice says – all done.

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