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Websites for Lawyers/advocates

The legal profession is a competitive one. Today junior lawyers have to fight to get hold of clients. Through the last decade it has been more complex due to online presence of law firms. Today internet provides so much research material on law cases that winning a court battle is no easy stuff, and to rub salt – finding clients more difficult.

A website for lawyer/advocate can:

Pull more clients: With the access to information technology it is becoming more common for legal clients to have done research on their own prior to speaking with an advocate. This has changed the role of the advocate to educating the client in new ways like sorting through reliable and unreliable information the client may have found in their research.

Enhance your professional profile: A website showcases the cases a lawyer fought in court, his professional degrees and any books, articles he/she has published. Plus, due to social media integration a lawyer can effectively showcase updates about his/her professional profile.

Increase local awareness through SEO boost: Many people find lawyers simply by asking their friends who’s good, but there are a many people who turns to Google and the internet to cross-check the details after that. Websites which are integrated with social media postings by spreading the blog posts using social media networks, the lawyer can increase traffic to their site and get more backlinks as the page is shared.

Few Inclusions you might have in your website

A Well Structured Home Page

Here you should provide crisp details about your accomplishments, your contact info and about yourself. Also provide brief details about the awards, accolades and recognition you have got.

Few things are essential in Home page:

  • Your images
  • About you
  • Your specialist domain
  • Your qualifications in brief
  • Your Associations with Bar and law firms
  • Your contact number tab
  • Ask for appointment tab
  • Your schedule of availability per day
  • Tab for your blog
  • Your Chamber addresses


Awards, Publications and your Experience

Here you need to provide in brief:

  • Your achievements in brief
  • Any critical cases where you contributions were acknowledged
  • Your published books and articles
  • Eminent lawyers who worked under your guidance
  • Your degrees and experience

Appointment Schedule

Here you can provide:

  • Appointment form
  • Contact numbers in case you are available for appointment via mobile/telephone
  • Client enquiry desk no
  • E-mails where clients can mail you.


Here you should provide:

  • Detailed address of your chambers
  • Contact info and route directions of those chambers
  • A Google map where your chambers can be located
  • Your social media contact tabs
  • Your work contact number
  • An enquiry form where clients can seek your appointment


Legal tips and Law snippets

Here you can add regular snippets, famous cases, and legal tips in form of short articles, blogs and v-blogs. If there are repeat queries about any particular aspect of legalities you can offer free advice here in general.
Through providing rich legal know hows and helping people find solutions through blogs, articles and snippets, adding legal cases he/she fought lawyer’s through their website can pull clients effectively.

Features what you get with your website

Core Features

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  • 2 Email ID
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Designing & Building Tools

  • WordPress Webpage Design  tooltip
  • Intuitive & Responsive Design
  • Customized Blog Section
  • Woocommerce Integration
  • Product Design
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Regular WordPress Updates

Hosting Utilities & Settings

  • 3 GB SSD Hosting
  • 30 GB Monthy Bandwidth
  • Hosting CPanel
  • Regular Backups
  • 100% Uptime & Security
  • SSL By Lets Encrypt
  • Cloud Flare Free Plan Integration

Ongoing Website Management

  • Theme/Plugins Update
  • Addition, Deletion, Updation Of Pages
  • Addition, Deletion, Updation Of Products
  • Custom Order Processing

Security & Backup

  • Inbuilt Virus Protection
  • Weekly Website Maleware Scanning
  • Maleware Removal  tooltip
  • Monthly WordPress backup
  • Weekly Comment Moderation
  • Malicious IP Scanning & Blocking

Speed Optimization

  • Monthly Website Speed Check
  • Speed Maintenance

Stellar Class Support

  • 24 Hrs. Support by Mail ticket system
  • Site Transfer In and Out
  • Domain and Hosting Transfer

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