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You are an author. You have your publications. Do you have a dedicated reader community for you?

A bog based website creates a dedicated readers’ community for you. A website of an author complements the marketing campaigns of the publisher.

These days’ people try to do research before they buy a book. And you as an author need to understand the reader’s preferences, their tastes and their wants (be it emotional). So a personal website can be a bridge between you and others.

A website constantly provides feed to the readers’ community. Slowly your blog-posts on current publications and upcoming ones create a fan community of you. If you integrate social media campaigns with you site your works may go viral at the moment of their launch.

Few Inclusions you might have in your website

A home page (Landing page)

And you should remember this buttons should not be too bold, but rather subtle. The main appetizer should be what you should be talking about yourself. Readers would be more interested to relish your persona. What you have written in your publication – they have already turned pages.

You can portray your persona through links or embedded v Blogs on front page. Further you can add snippets, images, and quotes of the philosophers, writers or influencers from whose thoughts you drink from.

You also need a subscription tab where your readers can subscribe with their e-mail ids and you can from time to time mail your upcoming or recently launched work’s snippets. You can mail v Blogs, special offers, discounts or peeping snippet of your slice of life.

Subscription tab and forms should be there on landing pages. Also you should provide attractive offers pushed through beautiful pop-ups. If you wish you can link this pop ups with subscription forms which would help you generate and understand various readers’ profiles.

You social media community page

Here you should pull and have all your viral twitter, Instagram and Pin interest posts and pics. Let your readers and admirers subscribe you in this page.

A personal “My thoughts” page

This would be best where you can add small small blogs and crisp short v Blogs. You need not be writing here all about your personal thoughts. Just impersonate characters of your next projects. Wear their skin. See how your fans, readers react as well as your buddy authors. These would be a quick opinion survey about your upcoming projects. See if things go viral!

About me page

Here you need to brag about yourself but be short, smart and simple. Tell about your friends, publishers and family. Add your own personified images, your publications and your accolades.


Current publication page & Upcoming works page

Here put pics of cover pages of your works. Provide links from where your readers can buy your works. Allow your readers to have a sneak peek on your creative art. Here link your future projects with previous publications. Show you as an artist and human being are working in continuum.

Your past and upcoming events page

Here you should provide a journal of thoughts of your past and upcoming publication events. Be it a tea-party where you have been facilitated, to book launch and autographed event – put all your personal candour comments here. Garnish with snappy humoured videos and images.

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Core Features

  • Free Domain Name  tooltip
  • Domain Control Panel
  • Unlimited Subdomanins

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  • 2 Email ID
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Designing & Building Tools

  • WordPress Webpage Design  tooltip
  • Intuitive & Responsive Design
  • Customized Blog Section
  • Woocommerce Integration
  • Product Design
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Regular WordPress Updates

Hosting Utilities & Settings

  • 3 GB SSD Hosting
  • 30 GB Monthy Bandwidth
  • Hosting CPanel
  • Regular Backups
  • 100% Uptime & Security
  • SSL By Lets Encrypt
  • Cloud Flare Free Plan Integration

Ongoing Website Management

  • Theme/Plugins Update
  • Addition, Deletion, Updation Of Pages
  • Addition, Deletion, Updation Of Products
  • Custom Order Processing

Security & Backup

  • Inbuilt Virus Protection
  • Weekly Website Maleware Scanning
  • Maleware Removal  tooltip
  • Monthly WordPress backup
  • Weekly Comment Moderation
  • Malicious IP Scanning & Blocking

Speed Optimization

  • Monthly Website Speed Check
  • Speed Maintenance

Stellar Class Support

  • 24 Hrs. Support by Mail ticket system
  • Site Transfer In and Out
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