Snapshot of a Sample Travel Agency Website Created By Us 

Sample WordPress Website for travel agency

Objective: This is a sample WordPress website for a travel agency. This site can be customized as per need. This is an ideal website for a small and medium travel agency who is not looking into the traditional online portals. Rather, they are customized or boutique travel agency. They are looking to help people in creating a great memory.  Ideally, for a travel agency which targets mainly B2C markets, this neat and professional website can really be a great asset to establish an online presence, to create a 24×7 marketing of your brand and to generate leads.   Below you can see the demo and snapshot of this wordpress website.

Specialities : 

  • Built On WordPress
  • Lots Of White Space.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Neat and Clean Design
  • Loading Speed A on Gtmetrix.
  • Google Analytics Integration.
  • All Social Media Account Integration.

Web Elements: 

Though this Wordpress Sample Website for Small Medium Business can be customized to any extent the basic elements that are present are :

This site can be further customized with the addition of :

  • Client Testimonials
  • Downloads / Ebooks / Reports
  • Google Maps
  • Image Gallery
  • Lead Generation Form with Email Marketing  / CRM integration
  • Online Selling and Payments integration and much more


Get Travel Business Online

The process is as simple as that !!!


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Let’s plan out all that’s needed to launch your personal brand online. Let’s collate your target market, objective and each and every details.



You provide us all that’s required and we start preparing the site. You will get a URL to see it live anytime. You can send us suggestions over WhatsApp/ Messenger and Email.



We launch your site, monitor for security and optimize to improve your site’s speed and user experience. We keep on monitoring the website and make necessary changes.



We connect monthly once and discuss the month’s plan and implement the same on the website and also keep on updating the site and maintaining security and speed of the website.

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