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Statistics tell us that about 85% of consumers search online to find doctors and healthcare professionals. And they do research online for good Hospitals, Nursing Home and Clinics.

Let your website tell patients you care: Still today many a times patients are clueless which nursing home should they opt for. A website of your Clinic can be a best friend to patients and their families. Through your website let people believe your doctors and nurses and services are the only one that walks into their life when the world has walked out.

Showcase your Specialities: If you don’t showcase your specialities and the team of specialist doctors of your clinic by creating websites, you will fail to install trust and belief among patients and people. As seeing is believing – when people see your clinics gallery and become inquisitive about your services, slowly words starts spreading that you provide better medical services that patients can trust with eyes closed.

Creating a brand recall: A websites shall create a brand awareness of your service and establishment through 24x7 communications of testimonials of patients and their family member’s, Quality ratings and medical history to a larger number of web visitors.

Helps you to serve a bigger crowd: A website of your clinic gives away contact information, service hours, location, and online booking facilities to patients. Thus your queuing management system, inventory management and service management planning and scheduling becomes easy and simple. As a result you are rewarded with good testimonial and referrals from patients.

Few Inclusions you might have in your website

A Well Structured Home Page

This page should be clean, clear and simple and breathing. All the important buttons should be included in a ribbon in this page. These buttons are:

  • About page
  • Specialties
  • Doctor’s page
  • Facilities (indoor & outdoor)
  • Future Plans
  • Appointment & Bookings
  • Contact page
  • Gallery
  • Social media buttons
  • Place your loyalty programs and discounted check-up offers in this page.

If you are organizing any special health camps or certain visiting Doctors from outside is visiting your clinic – you should keep the registration form in this page. This installs trust among patients about the credibility of your clinic.

Specialties section

This page or section should be the linked with the landing section of your specialty treatment wards or departments. Also keep images and description of special diagnostic encampments. Advanced medical investigation lab specialties and opportunities should also be mentioned here.

Also link this page with special facilities of your clinic. For example mention what ICU and special wards and trauma care facilities do you provide. Mention bed number of each wards.

Facilities (indoor & outdoor)

In this page do clearly list all your facilities precisely. The patient’s visiting hours in indoors. The outdoor timings. Dialysis and ICU features. Also mention pathological lab timings and appointment rules. The number of wards and beds in each ward should be clearly stated in this page. Surgery specialties and facilities should be enlisted in this page.

Appointment & Bookings

Appointments & Bookings sections in your website are essential for operational supremacy and ease and order. Make the complex process of Hospital administration and patient care and management easy and simple through your website.

You mention indoor timings and outdoor visiting hours – patients gain clarity when to book appointments. You provide customer care info. Visitors come to know how to book appointments and when they would get an appointment. By this you clear crowding in clinic and patients are too happy as they don’t have to wait in waiting lobby.

About page

The about page should be very clean. Provide precise description about the milestones of your clinic, your clinic’s various accreditation and specialties. List of corporate clientele and list of medical insurance companies who have tied up with you for cashless treatments of patients.

You may also provide outdoor timings and emergency contact info.

Doctor’s page or section

Here in this section mention full description of your medical team. You should mention within limited scope exhaustive description of the who’s who in the team. Describe the specialists for each specialties of your clinic. Mention also their availability in outdoors round the week. If possible do mention what are the other hospitals and nursing home they do visit.


Future Plans

Here you should share the future vision of your clinic. Your future planned capital ventures and expansion plans. This communication is essential to install trust among patients and garner repeat footfalls. The modernization plans should be boldly stated so that you achieve awe and respect of external customers.

Contact page

Here do clearly mention your clinic address with contact info along with e-mail ids. Add Google maps so that outpatients know how to travel easily to your clinic. You should also add contact and other details forms for people who post queries at your site. This way you can analyze visitors’ trends of your clinic.

Keep in touch and social media buttons

Here you can build your own circle of opinion groups. In case of clinics trust and word-of-mouth opinions are very important. So try social media marketing with your own Facebook and twitter pages. Provide links to these social sites in this section so that new visitors and patients go to your social pages and get interested in your service.


Here you should add images and videos of your clinic. Choose images of your operation theatres, doctors performing complex surgery with state of art surgical instruments, state of are diagnostic instruments like CT scan machine and Doppler machines.

You must also add pics of lawns, garden around your clinic. Pics of patients’ wards and cubicles, corridors with indoor plants are also essential.

You should add visitors’ testimonials vividly in this section. Let visitors relate the hygiene, cleanliness and warmth of your service with pics, images and videos.

Features what you get with your website

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Ongoing Website Management

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  • Addition, Deletion, Updation Of Products
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