Why do you need a Facebook Page for your business? Because Social media has become the new craze and it is quite evident that the medium is here to stay.

Small business owners make use of social networking sites to effectively promote their businesses.

The most interesting and successful way to make use of social media is by creating a Facebook page.

There are over 750 million users active on Facebook. These users dont just use the platform to interact with peers but also use it as a medium to find products and services that can solve their problems. A page on Facebook for your business helps expand its reach and enhance brand awareness.

Shared here are six vital reasons enlightening why a business should have a page on Facebook:

  1. You get to reach your target group

A Facebook page for your business gives you the opportunity to interact with your target audience on a one on one basis. You get a direct feedback from existing and potential customers.

Your fans are following your page because they know about the existence of your company through the Facebook page of your business and want regular updates.

The communication is two ways, with them expecting to receive important information and with you gaining essential information via their participation. You do need a Facebook page for your business to keep the communication rolling.

  1. You get the chance to humanize your brand

You have the opportunity to give your brand a face, and a personality.

Through one on one conversations and personal interactions, you can show the human angle of your company.

A lot of brands automate their activities on the social network but an average time of live, spontaneous communication could attach the touch of human relationships on your page. Create more fans for the Facebook page for your business!

  1. Building a community on your Facebook business page

Bring all your prospects, fans and current customers together through this platform. Allow them to share concerns, reviews, and feedback.

Communities can be built on the social media network in the following ways:

  • Publishing relevant and attention-grabbing links
  • Inviting fan comments
  • Initiating contests and offers
  • Encouraging users to leave their responses and reviews
  • Providing incentives for maximum interaction


  1. Facebook is beneficial for Search Engine Optimization

A Facebook page can help in directing and routing traffic to your website or blog. If your posts get indexed by search engines, your SEO rank could improve.

Boosting search engine rankings is extremely vital for any business and this can be fulfilled with the content you post on social media.

  1. You can stay in competition

There are high chances that your competitors are already there on Facebook. Not just that, they could be using the platform to their maximum advantage.

You definitely do not want to miss out on the opportunities and therefore having a presence on the social media networks is mandatory for you.

  1. Your business can be put in front of clients and customers on a daily basis

Once fans like your page, the updates on your page in the form of status, links and posts will appear on their newsfeed. This way you interact with them on a regular basis keeping them updated with the happenings at your end.

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