Step By Step guide

Start, Build and Scale Coaching Business

You coach complex minds. Let’s make the process of coaching business a simple one which will give you a steady growth and you can scale it up. 

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In this Section:   | Step 1 – Back to basics  | Step 2 – Choosing Business Elements  | Step 3 – Develop and Launch  | Step 4 – Scale Up


Be it a Health Coach, Life Coach, Relationships Coach, Mindfulness Coach, Financial Coach, Leadership Coach, Executive Coach and so on – If you are into the business of changing lives or changing business scenario, below process can help you to start, build and scale your business online.

Trust me, you don’t need so-called complex funnels, opt-ins or the costly marketing courses, digest different thoughts on the same topics and feel lost to build a coaching business. Let’s keep the coaching model simple. Can you add anything else apart from the below process on how you get clients on coaching business?

  1. People Came To Know About you.
  2. Some of them feel you are the right person who can help them.
  3. They decide to avail your services and approach you.
  4. You both speak and understand each other and see mutual fitment.
  5. The coaching relationship starts.

Trust me, the coaching system is still that same and that simple. Probably, we all made it complex with so much information and so many tools and techniques – though, at the core, all these lead to the above system only.

Our entire system is based on our 5 A model of inbound marketing. If you want to know more about this model click here. Your coaching business passes through several stages of business. The stages and steps are more or less the same for every coaching business but, what we do and plan under each step might vary depends on the business type and business model.

Very fast and efficient. Great customer service and helpful tips. Highly recommend.

Alison Ashley

Life Coach

Step 1 – Back to Basics

Whether you already running a coaching business or starting a coaching business, you should always review and take care of the basics.

Your Coaching Message

Your basic starts with your Coaching Message – What you actually do? Whom you can help? How it helps whom you want to help?

This is the process, what we commonly call Niche down your Customers. Before you go ahead and niche down your customers, you need to know that as a coach, you cannot solve every problem. There are a few areas where you can help with. If you are just starting your coaching business, I will highly suggest you practice what you want to do before you start focussing on coaching message.

As a coach, you help your clients in achieving two kinds of outcomes:

  1. Avoiding Pain – You help them avoid or come out of some kind of pain or take them out of some kind of shit in their life or getting them back on track or so on.
  2. Experiencing Pleasure – You help them achieve something which they are passionate about, achieve something that will give them pleasure or pride or so on.

But, whatever you plan to coach for, it’s very important that either you have experienced the transformation yourself or you have transformed someone at least. This will actually give you a clear idea of What You Are Good At?

Once you are ready with what you are good at, the next step is to understand who it’s going to help. In this step, you must use the demographic details as well while defining whom you are looking for to serve. You can define the areas where they preferably live, the ideal age group they should be, any particular about sex  -male/female, any income group that you are looking for, any particular profession they should be doing and so on. You should be as much detailed as possible.

Mapping the Thoughts

In this step, you should be mapping the thoughts of the Niche that you have defined. So, in these steps, you can write down what exactly your niche might be thinking or feeling about the challenge or their want, where you are going to help. There can be several points that you might write and the more points you write about that, more can be the chances of writing connecting content.

Your Story

The next step is to define your story. Your story need not be history – rather it’s all about what you do and why you do that. Your story should clearly define why you are the right person to help your clients on the challenges you wanted to solve. You can define your qualification to do so if required or your life experiences which have helped you to understand those challenges better. If possible you can give some examples of people whom you have helped doing so. Your story should be as much authentic as you can. 

Define your offerings

It’s quite obvious, you can’t expect people to directly land up to your website and buy your services especially when you are in the coaching business. Coaching business depends on the trust that you create with the probable clients and you can do that by creating some offers. There can be various stages of your offers depending on what you want. For example, you can have only one coaching program or you can have other small range and mid-range services or products along with the premium coaching program. Whatever it be, you need to have a clear definition of how you enrol or sell your clients.

Normally, as a coach, you can help people in two ways :

  1. By giving them information that they can implement and improve themselves by solving a challenge or achieving what they want.
  2. By working with them and helping them take every step to achieve the desired outcome.

You can create levels of your offers – One Premium one, One Mid Segment, One at a Low level and One Free Offer. Whatever you create, you must ensure that you give enough value at each of the levels and there must be a specific outcome at all levels.

So, there can be two possibilities – 

  1. You will be having only one premium level program or
  2. You can have various levels of the program.

Define your Free Offers  (Optins /Magnets )

It’s quite obvious that you will need Leads which will be converted from strangers and then those Leads will be converting to customers. And Free Offers / Optins or what we commonly call The Lead Magnets. You need to plan your free offers very strategically as these are the offers which will help you to generate leads and move them from one level to another.

If you have different levels of products or programs, then once they buy your entry-level product, they will be able to go to another level if they get value from you. Your free offer helps you to convert strangers or visitors to leads and then keep on nurturing them with regular educating contents and other offers and then convert them as customers.

Your free offer is the entry point of the customers to your system or process.  With the free offer, you get to know your leads  (Name, Email and other details that needed). Your free offer can be anything valuable which includes an Ebook, A Pdf Report, An Assessment, A Free Masterclass, A Free Webinar and much more.

Depending on your ideal customer Niche or profile, you can strategize and create your free offer.

Your free offer can be sent to those either through Emails or through Messenger – Depending on the ideal customer niche.

Whatever it be, your free option should be very powerful. You should think from the ideal customer niche ’s point of view and should be able to write at least 5 great benefits that they can have out of your offering.

Initial Content Ideas

The next step is your initial content Idea –  Where you plan the following types of content –

  • Content that might help them realize their problem or challenges.
  • Content which can help them to solve that problem
  • Content which might motivate them to take action and work with you.

Content Format and Distribution Strategy 

Once your content is well planned, the next step is to identify what will be the content formats and its distribution strategy. Depending on the Ideal Customer Niche, you should plan the format of your content which might be text, audio or video or all three or combination of them. The next step is the distribution strategy like how you want the content to be distributed. Depending on the format of content, you can ideally select the distribution tools for the same like your own Blog post, Medium, Linked post, Youtube, Soundcloud and so on. Please note, one content can be produced in different formats as well and it can be distributed accordingly.


Ideal Customer Niche 

  • Lives in Uk
  • Having Kids
  • Used to Work
  • Want to start doing something again
  • Preferred age group – 30-42
  • What they want – They want to come out of the regular life and start living their dreams

What they might think 

  1. I am badly stuck
  2. Probably I won’t be able to do what I wanted any more
  3. I am Late to pursue my dreams again
  4. Probably I am wasting my life
  5. I need to be independent

Why Me  I restarted my life and also, I helped shelly to restart her life. I overcame my financial troubles and started an independent life.

My Offering

  • 12 weeks restructure your Life Program – $1999
  • 4 weeks get balancing your life and responsibilities  – $449
  • 1-hour course on How to reset your goals  – $ 69

My free Offer 

7 Important steps to restructure your life for MOMs

Content Ideas 

Write about :

  • 12 signals that you are experiencing incomplete life  / When you think you are stuck / Are you independent – 5 questions to ask yourself / 7 thoughts which might say you are wasting your life.
  • 2 important thing that you can start doing now to unstuck yourself
  • 7 clear strategies for work-life balance
  • 5 important yoga posture for mental health
  • You are not stuck with situations, you are stuck with thoughts.
  • 3 successful mom Ceos
  • How shelly  – the mom of 3 came out and restarted her life
  • The best time to re-plan your life is now.

Content Format and Distribution 

  • Format – Text, Audio and Video
  • Text – My blog and Medium
  • Audio – Soundcloud
  • Video – Youtube

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Marketing Coach

Step 2 – Choosing Business Elements

Once you are clear with the first step, the next step is to choose the business web elements that you need to have. There are lots of tools available in the market for coaching and these are constantly adding up as well. Your main objective is to get things up and running at a cost-effective manner at this stage. While researching every element you need to understand whether its a necessity or its an optional at your current business scenario. One thing I must warn you that there are lots of people who spend a lot on time at this stage which affects their launch. In fact, there are lots of people who feel they need to make things perfect and later on fail to launch as well. Following are some of the areas which you might need to explore to select the right tools.

  1. Domain Name – Selecting the name of your business – it can be your name or your coaching company’s name.
  2. Hosting – Selecting a decent hosting platform so that the security, reliability and speed part of the website is taken care of.
  3. Website – Selecting the right platform to build your website. It can be on HTML, WordPress or any other way.
  4. Website Pages – You need to select the website pages that are must for you and you need to develop your content accordingly.
  5. Mails – Your business emails and the emails which will communicate automatically with the clients and you when they fill up a contact form or fills up an optin to be decided.
  6. Email Marketing – You need to have an email marketing software. This is not for sending bulk emails. Rather, these are for sending emails to educate and nurture the leads.
  7. Chatbots – Depending on your target market, you might think of using chatbots – they are better and easy for subscription and they can be integrated with the email marketing system as well.
  8. Payment Gateway – If you want to sell something online, you might require a payment gateway and an invoice management application integrated with it.
  9. Digital Downloads – You might need a digital download application If you want to sell meditation program or Books or Downloadable courses and so on.
  10. Appointment Scheduling – Getting the first free strategic call or selling an online session or booking for a discussion to take this further and so on. You might need to get appointments or booking from the website.
  11. LMS – You might require an LMS to sell your course for payment or to sell your access to all courses for a monthly payment or to sell a program online for a limited time.
  12. Shopping cart – You might need a shopping cart to sell a physical product or other products as well. Depending on the requirement, you need to select a shopping cart as well which serves the purpose.
  13. Analytics tools – Another important side of a business is analytics. You need to understand how visitors and coming to your website and what they are doing. It will give you a fair platform to understand what you need to do next to enhance or scale up your business.

Depending on the business model and type of coaching, there might be other tools that you will require. These are some of the most common tools that coaches need.


Domain – My Coaching Business Name

Website – WordPress

Hosting – Siteground

Website pages – Home, About me, Coaching Packages, Contact me and Blogs

Mails – support@my coaching name .com

Email Marketing – Mailchimp

Chatbots – Not Needed

Payment gateway – Paypal

Digital Download – Simple – can be done through my website

Appointment- Calendly

LMS – Not needed

Shopping cart – Woocommerce

Analytics – Google Analytics, facebook Pixel

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Life Coach

Step 3 – Develop and Launch

Once in step 2, you have realized the tools that you need and select the right tool , the next step is developing them. There are two kinds of development that happens –

  1. Technical Development
  2. Content Development
  3. Design Development

While technical development takes care of the technical and integration part, the design is on the user experience and looks part, the content is what you need to write for different places ( pages, offers, giveaway etc.) that you have planned at stage 1 and 2. All those you planned need to be in place.

Once your development is complete, the next step is to put together all the things and Launch immediately. There might be lots of improvement idea, or improvement works but the focus should be on launching the basic version. Once you launch your business online, then you can check and scale it up and make improvements wherever needed.


Site Launched and started inviting known people to visit and give feedback

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Step 4 – Scale Up

Basic Scale-up

 Your web business and web elements is a journey – not a one-time activity. Once you have launched the same, then you need to plan how you are going to scale it up. Basic Scale it up means the following :

  1. Invite people to your site;
  2. Studying their user experience
  3. Taking feedbacks from them.
  4. Based on the user experience and feedback, make necessary changes.

Scale Up with Social Media

This is a regular step where you need to explore all options and slowly narrow down which are working well for you. One of the most common challenges that occur in this stage is coaches plan to become the leader of social media. In the coaching business, social media has the following objectives :

  1. Reach the mass
  2. Attract the right people
  3. Bring them to your website
  4. To get interested people as leads. – that’s all.

So, it should be simple. Depending on your ideal customer niche, you should select a few social media, create engaging posts and measure result. Based on the response, you should plan further social media strategy. Another strategy can be studying your competitor and analyzing what can work well with you and implement and test. This entire stage is for testing and learning. So, you should be ready to spend some time on this and learn whats there working good. Also, keeping in mind your objective, you need to test some paid promotions on social media also and test results and scale a bit that works well with you.

Scale Up by Paying

Once you complete the above stage, the next step is scaling up with paid media which includes Facebook Advertisements, Google Advertisements, Pinterest marketing, Instagram Marketing, Guest Posting and so on. Probably at this stage, you will be requiring professional help as there is a specialist for each of these just like you specialise in your topic. But, you need to make sure that you stay involved in the entire process. Like whomever you are hiring, there should be accountability and there should be periodic goal and reviews. That’s a must.

And once you complete these, you are absolutely clear with what to do to scale it to the way you wanted it to be.


Basic Scale Up Feedback Collected Speed Improved, Content Changed, Optin Design changed a bit

Scale Up with Social Media  Posted On Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest  – Ads response best on Pinterest.

Scale Up by Paying Hired Pinterest professional, Also paid an online PR for guest post deals.

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How We Help

Simple Solutions to Complex Business

There are lots of innovations and methods of building and scaling up business but the above method might work great for you if :

  • You are not taking coaching as a Quick Buck Program.
  • You want to create a thought leadership
  • You want to grow your coaching business slowly and constantly.
  • You don’t expect Abnormal and Instant Growth.
  • You believe in building your brand.
  • You understand garnering trust the basic of the coaching business.

We help you to manage the entire online assets of your business. We convert your website to a system – to generate leads and nurturing them. We help you in every stage of your coaching business. Whatever stage of business you are at right now, there is always a scope of improvement and implementing powerful strategies. If you wish to create or recreate, Build or Rebuild and scale your coaching business, we are there to help you out with our solutions and strategies.  

The Process

as simple as that


Talk To Us

Let’s plan out all that’s needed to launch your personal brand online. Let’s collate your target market, objective and each and every details.



You provide us with all that’s required and we start designing/redesigning the site. You will get a URL to see it live anytime. You can send us suggestions over WhatsApp/ Messenger and Email.



We launch your site, monitor for security and optimize to improve your site’s speed and user experience. We keep on monitoring the website and make the necessary changes.



We connect monthly once and discuss the month’s plan and implement the same on the website and also keep on updating the site and maintaining security and speed of the website.

Schedule A Call

Schedule a call with us and we can strategize your coaching business..

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