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About Restaurant and Cafe’ Business

A restaurant or cafe is an evergreen business. Spending on food is something most of the people love to do. You probably hardly know anyone who doesn’t spend on a restaurant or cafe. Evergreen Business has huge success opportunity but there are threats attached to that as well. Restaurant and Cafe business being one of the attractive and happening business has grown abnormally since last decade. Moreover, the big brands are also penetrating to a great extent either directly or through Franchise. Hence, the business dynamics of restaurants or cafe has changed a lot. So, the marketing strategy as well. Apart from the traditional marketing plans, this business demands something more. A restaurant or business has two dynamics nowadays – bring customers and retain customers. In fact, the cost of bringing customers can only be neutralized if you have the right strategy of retaining customers. Rather, repeat customers are the base of any restaurant or cafe business.

The 3 A Model for Restaurant or Cafe’ Business

Keeping in mind the business of a restaurant or cafe, we have created the following 3 A model of Restaurant marketing. We will Explain this step by step below. 

3 A model of Restaurant and Cafe Business

Step -1 Attract

In this Phase, you do all initiatives to attract the right person to your restaurant. This phase includes selecting different mediums through which you can reach your target audience. Attract phase means creating your brand and making people aware of your brand. So, here you perform all the works related to Brand Creation, Brand Reach and Brand Awareness. Based on the target audience you are looking for, you need to select the right channels to reach the mass. There’s no harm in trying every possible channel at the beginning. Post that, you need to analyze which mediums are working well with you and you should optimise them more and scale them up.

Example of activities that be done for a coffee shop at this stage 

  • Restaurant Logo
  • Color according to the target audience
  • Ambience
  • Research on pricing
  • Planning the food and beverages offering
  • Strategic Pricing
  • Food and restaurant photography
  • Designing the Website
  • Listing on Google Maps
  • Listing on relevant directories
  • Inviting Food Bloggers who write for the relevant kind of coffee shops
  • Audience Definition
  • Creating social media account as per the target customers
  • Promoting your restaurant on social media and other places
  • Listing your facilities and promoting them one by one

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Step -2 Acquire

This phase means you start converting people you reached and acquire them as customers. This phase ends when a customer visits your restaurant. In this phase, you target those who already know your brand with some offer to experience you once. This phase is very important. Your food might be one of the best, your ambience might be world class, your service might be super excellent – but people will actually know all these when they experience the same. So, in this case, you have to approach the customers with the right and attractive offer which they can’t refuse. Once they visit your restaurant, you must ensure they should feel delighted and promote the same to their circle. You should have an in house promotion/program designed so that your customers can participate in that which in turn, can populate your restaurant in their circles.

Example of activities that be done for a coffee shop at this stage 

  • Starting with an initial discount offer

  • Promoting the initial discount offer

  • Creating restaurant Check in Offers

  • Service Planning

  • Taking care of the fast service  and engaging strategy

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Step -3 Attach

This phase takes place after the customers have experienced your service. It’s time to garner the customer’s confidence in your brand. There are three things that you need to ensure at this stage –

  1. The customer is happy
  2. The customer is satisfied and
  3. The customer is Amazed.

When you ensure these three things, the following results take place –

  1. The customers recommend you.
  2. The customers visit again.
  3. The customers bring guests along with them.

So, this stage consists of designing a recommendation program or referral program, designing a loyalty program and engaging customers with different customer engagement initiatives.

Example of activities that be done for a coffee shop at this stage 

  • Designing a recommendation program
  • Program to get customer details
  • Program for second time purchase
  • Designing Birthday program /anniversary program
  • Designing a customer loyalty program and so on.

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So, based on your speciality and based on your target audience, you can strategize your restaurant which can help you create, build and scale up a sustainable business. With this strategies, you can acquire the right sets of customers and retain them. These two things need to flow constantly in your restaurant business. It’s like blood of your business which need to flow to stay alive. If you are not following any among these three steps, its time to look back again and get your business process aligned.

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