If you are a Coach or an emerging Coach, the first question that comes across your mind is finding your coaching niche. But very rarely do we see anyone talking about it at length or provide practical solutions to finding a niche. Or even creating any content that helps everyone understand what it is.

When you first start seeking clients, you tend to take on all-comers just to get experience and a real feel for what it’s like to coach.

So, we have decided to create an in-depth guide which any new coach can read and use to find define their coaching niche.

Defining or find out your coaching niche is one of the most important things that a coach must do. If you can get this right and you will have a flourishing coaching business.

In the beginning, you may be tempted to just find a quick match in your skills, market demand, and low competition niche and jump to it. But wait this is not so easy!

Coaching is a journey. Thus, we have discussed here your journey to find your niche.  It starts with identifying a First Level Niche and ultimately continues in finding a Deep Level Niche. Easy two-step processes.

Here are what we have discussed in this Blog  – Do You Need to Target a Niche in Coaching at the Beginning

What is a Coaching Niche?

One of the biggest hurdles most coaches cross on the way is to fill their businesses with clients. Or in other words, after a certain stage, they find it very hard to scale up their business smoothly. One of the factors behind this is they are not able to find their perfect coaching niche.

A coaching niche helps a Coach become an influencer and scale his/her business most phenomenally. A niche helps a Coach easily filter out his/her prospects and identify who are the most profitable clients. Identifying a niche can become a billion-dollar pumping machine in your Coaching Business.

Other terms for Coaching niche include finding your target market, finding your ideal client, or identifying your avatar, persona, or a set of favourite clients whom you feel fun to coach. 

These are the people you do your best work with, who you enjoy coaching, who succeed at their goals, and who refer their friends to you. Doing business gets easier once you find your niche.

Though some coaches are generalists and will work on any subject with any type of client, today most are specialist coaches and focus their practices on specific niches.  They work with a particular kind of client, like a person with ADHD, and/or they help people with a specific kind of task, like starting a business or solve specific relationship problems.

When you first start seeking clients as a Coach you will most likely take on all-comers just to get experience and a real feel for what it’s like to coach.

As soon as you get more confident and identify the type of client you best like working with, you can explore your options and find the coaching niche that could work best for you.

A coaching niche can be within any of the main coaching fields (personal, business, career, corporate).  Within each field, there are niche variations such as relationships, health, productivity, confidence, parenting and, even helping coaches and consultants identify the coaching niche they should develop.

Here below I have shown some Coaching Niches:

Why Do You Need a Coaching Niche?

Why do you need a Coaching Niche? Because with time your profitability as a coach starts with your coaching niche.

As with any business, the selection of the niche involves investigating the market size and ease of service to that market. 

If your market is too small, you will struggle to grow your business, regardless of how much you work, you put into it. Also, without a strongly defined niche, you will struggle to catch people’s attention and lose money from the start. 

If you are consistently putting yourself out there in a way in your Coaching Business that feels exciting, you’re going to quickly start gathering more information on what people like and don’t like. You’ll also start to see what types of people like your stuff.

Benefits of picking Coaching Niche

A distinct Coaching niche allows you to:

1. Only Work with Right Clients: 

A niche pinpoints the kinds of people you’ll be working with and their challenges, opportunities, lifestyles, etc. so that you can deliver exceptional results and become a master coach. Coaching becomes fun for you and you can scale up your business easily.

2. Create your Brand: 

A niche helps you to build your Personal Brand. You can create a clear “elevator pitch” or in other words, you can create a service with prospects sees as an offering which no other Coaches can provide. You’re going to get more referrals because people are clear on who you help and how you help them.

3. Create Better Marketing Strategy – Clears up Buyer persona and Buyer’s Journey: 

By defining your niche, you can now strategize appropriately market your services and products to your target audience using relevant examples and terminology, tailored services and realistic pricing.

4. Become an Influencer: 

When you become the “go-to” person in your specialist area and thereby build your credibility as a coach people become attached to you and are delighted to avail your offers and services. Plus, your fellow coaches and the other emerging coaches are delighted to invite you to promote their products and services in different social media and other events. 

Finding Your Coaching Niche – The Four Pillars of Success

Finding your coaching niche can be termed as the four pillars of success for your coaching business. One pillar helps to reinforce the other three pillars and together they create a sustainable and successful Coaching Business!

Finding Your Coaching Niche – The Four Pillars of Success

Finding your coaching niche can be termed as the four pillars of success for your coaching business. One pillar helps to reinforce the other three pillars and together they create a sustainable and successful Coaching Business!

How to Find a Coaching Niche?

In the beginning, it is advised by many experts to just start coaching, and they suggest your niche will find you organically. 

Over time, as a Coach, you shall notice who your favourite clients are. You can make notes about what it is you like about them. Try to notice if there are clients from a particular niche who refer more clients to you. Think about who they are, how they are, and how you communicate with them. 

Next step is to design a website just for them. Ask them for reviews, opinions, feedback, and testimonials. Ask them to review your site and tell you what they like and don’t like. Edit until they love it. That’s how to find and start marketing to your niche.  The process is easy and organic, but this takes time.

In reality, there should be a process of finding your niche. There can be two-step process two find a perfect coaching niche and scale up your coaching business. 

The process has two steps:

1st, you select a First Level Niche, and

2nd, you decide a Deep Level Niche

This is a continuous process where you start your Coaching by selecting the Niche you enjoy and decide to follow with the advice from your mentor. In this phase, most coaches experience normal growth in business. Then after trial and error process of finding the right coaching clients, you gradually understand your actual niche.

This stage of finding niche we call a Deep Level Niche. And from here your business takes a turn. You create a buzz, and your Business starts scaling up in an upward direction. At this stage the inbound process of marketing for coaches, the 5A Marketing process helps you reach your optimum business goals.

What do you need to consider while developing your Coaching Niche?

To successfully develop the First Level Coaching Niche, you need to consider……

  1. Your Background
  2. Your Qualification
  3. Is it fancy or Profitable?
  4. Your Business Goals
  5. Your Vision

If you don’t have any clients or any clients you want to be the focus of your niche, think of a real client you want to work with and start listing their demographics and psychographics in a list-like way. 

To understand this process fully we recommend you download our free “Find Your Own Coaching Niche Workbook” and do a practical exercise choosing either your First Level Coaching Niche or Deep Level Coaching Niche. This is an easy 3 step Workbook which will help you identify your true Coaching Niche based on 3 filters identifying:

1. Your Passion

2. Your Existing Clients who do You REALLY Enjoy working with

3. Exact Target Market and Sub-market

Experts advise not to start with demographics and psychographics and then trying to create a fictional avatar out of that. Instead, as an emerging coach, make sure you start with a real person and then create a fictional profile. This way you know your customer is based in reality and create a better buyer persona.

Once you’ve completed this exercise, you should have a list of your ideal coaching client demographics and psychographics. This isn’t yet your niche, a real niche which is a more refined and simpler version of this profile plus your specific offering and result.

The second part of crafting your coaching niche is about your offer and expertise. Based on the pain points your target customer has, how can you help them resolve these pains? Based on your training and knowledge, what do you have the ability to help them overcome their problems?

It’s really important to get specific here about the exact concrete result you want to help them achieve. It should be part of your Vision. You help them achieve a whole range of results, but you must choose the most important one to frame your niche around. This is the process where after a couple of years you create your Deep Level Coaching Niche.

You may begin building up this niche by writing blog posts and giving presentations to local groups. Become an “Agony Aunt.” In social media.  

Help clients figure out practical solutions through your knowledge base in your Coaching Website, offering information and advice when asked. Write blogs, create a YouTube Channel. Clients may become hugely relieved and grateful, or they may not like what you write. But be passionate about what you do. For the coach, the work may be draining, but also phenomenally rewarding. Try becoming an influencer who change people’s lives. Slowly you shall find the deep level coaching niche and find your own community.

Below is a three-step easy process on how to find out a coaching niche which you can download as a Workbook free

Step 1 : Map Your Passion

Step 2 : My Ideal Client

Step 3 : Mapping Your Target Market

Step 1 – Map Your Passion

The first step of finding your coaching niche is mapping your passion. If you are not excited about what you are doing or not enjoy a particular type of Coaching, it’s very hard to become a successful coach.

You need to sit and dig down and find out what really excites you, what keeps you motivated. This is the first step in finding out your Coaching Niche.

Answer the questions asked in the “Find Your Own Coaching Niche Workbook”, step-one – to understand what really excites you, what keeps you really motivated in the Coaching Business.

You need to answer the following questions in step one:

1. What work do you want to bring in the world? 

This is going to be your long-term vision statement. You need to understand without adding value to your Clients you are not going to be hit. Plus, if you are committed to a true cause which you really care about and you can do it very well – is a sure-fire way to get success.

So, take your time, think about it and jot down what work do you want to bring in the world?

2. Who do you envision serving with your Coaching?

This is going to be your mission in life as a Coach. This is part of soul searching and a bit of practicality which should be doable. As an emerging coach, you can not choose to serve millions unless some miracle happens, or you have tremendous potential. So, at the beginning choose a small circle of clients and think about closely working with them. But be specific.

3. Write down 3 topics that get you excited, and you always love to talk about:

Here you need to write about the 3 Coaching Topics on which you can Coach, talk and write endlessly. These 3 Topics should be like something which you know very well and eat, sleep and drink.

4. Picture your Happy Place. What are 3 words that describe the vibe of it?

This is the final ques you must answer in step one of finding your coaching niche. This is your dream come true moment. Here you should precisely figure out what is your dream, and do you have enough fire in the belly to make it happen.

Step 2 – My Ideal Client:

This the second step of finding your coaching niche. Who is your ideal client? With what type of client do you love to Coach with? Which clients gives you a feel-good factor. With what type of clients are you most successful with? Find out here in step two.

The questions you must answer in the workbook are:

1. Who is your ideal client?

Ask your self who is fit to work with you? Who can be your ideal client? With which Client do you share the same wavelength? Think about these questions and answer.

2. What is the biggest problem you are going to solve of your ideal client?

Be specific. Don’t give vague answers. Are you confident about your solutions? Are they going to add value? These are the things that you should consider before concluding.

3. What common interests do you share with the clients?

Are you two form the same wavelength? What is common between you and your clients. Are you on the same page? Because if you don’t like your clients and they don’t enjoy your Coaching – you can never build a community, or you can’t be successful as an influencer in the social media.

4. Understanding Your Clients:

This is a question about chalking out the buyer persona. Map the thought process of the clients whom you want to Coach. Are they coachable? Can you bring a change in their thought process?

5. What are the top 3-5 challenges of your Clients that you have successfully solved till now in your Coaching career?

This a checkmark question, or a reality check questions. Go back and tally with your previous answers in this step. Have you been already doing the things you wrote for so long? If the answer is “Yes” – you are bang on finding your own Coaching Niche! If “No” – you need to go back a find out what’s missing?

Step 3 – Mapping Your Target Market:

Step three and the final step of finding your coaching niche involves mapping your target market. After all, you need to consider your target market is profitable or not and you need to find out which sub-market can scale up your coaching business.

This is a reality check and you need to consider things seriously here. 

The things you shall find in the “Find Your Own Coaching Niche Workbook” step 3 are:

1. Making a list of possible 4-6 target markets that you would like to work with:

Now you have a fair idea from step one and two whom do you want to coach with. So, list down 4-6 Target markets from your previous answers.

2. Who are fit to be your client checklist table:

Read the questions on the table and decide where the checks should go. There should be no less than 3 checkmarks per row. If you are having less than 3 checks re-examine the possible target markets and determine if you have selected the right target markets or not?

3. List 4 sub-markets from your target market:

This is easy but needs careful research. So, list down 4 sub-markets from your target market.

4. Choose your sub-market or find your own coaching niche:

This the final checkbox. Go thoroughly through the questions asked in the table in the workbook and you shall yourself find an answer what is your own coaching niche. Best of Luck!

The process is the same for finding out the Deep-Level Coaching Niche. 

When you can figure out your own coaching niche properly, you’ll see that your business will spread very fast in your target market. Remember finding your own niche has two steps, first, you find out your First Level Niche, stay in the market and then you find out your Deep Level Niche before you start building your community and become an influencer.