Personal Branding Website Pages Essentials

Depending on the Objective of the business, there might be several requirements, but some of the website essentials for any personal websites are as follows : 

Home Page

Where people will land when they type your web address. This page is a collection of all the pages that you have, it includes meaningful images, your images, the attraction points that we will strategize as per the buyer persona that we discuss, it will have collection of some of your blogs which proves out thought leadership, it will have your offers and other elements that we discuss on the call.

Services / Products

This page will explain in details what exactly you are offering to your visitors. Its the end objective that you want to achieve. For example, it can be your course, or coaching program, a membership, your book or product that you have. If you have multiple products or services, this page can be a collection of such pages and they will link to individual product and services pages. 


This is another important page of a Personal Brand Website. This page will show all your testimonials that you have received. If you don’t have much testimonials, not to worry. You can show 1-2 on the home page and over a period of time, we can add other testimonials and create a separate page when its enough.



This page will have collection of all the blogs that you have. Every blog you write and publish, will be automatically added in this page.

About Us

This page is all about you. It would clearly define who are you, how you started, your vision, your mission and all the possible things about you. The more you are authentic about yourself, the more you will genuinely attract people to explore your website and read your thoughts.

Offer Pages

You should always try to convert your visitors to leads as much as possible. So, these pages are going to help you in converting your visitors to leads. This page will be integrated with an email marketing software which will store all your leads that you generate and you can send them regular emails or set up an autoresponder. It will help you to nurture those leads. Your offer can be a PDF to download, A master class, a sequential email course, an ebook, few chapters of your upcoming book and much more depending on your buyer journey strategy.


Contact Us

Contact us page will be having a contact form which the visitor can fill up to contact you. Whenever the form is filled up, you will get all the informations sent to your email automatically. Also, you can have your address, email Id and phone number in this place.


Single Blog

The single blog will be the page that will hold your one blog. Whenever you write a blog, a new page will be added and the same will be posted on your blog page.

Personal Branding Website Business Essentials

After these website essentials, the next is the Business Specific Essentials which are based on the specific need of your business objective and model. If you are at a startup phase, you might need it later and its integration is absolutely free and it can be done anytime you are ready with the same.

Selling Online Courses

Know How You Can

Example: Selling your course for payment or selling your access to all courses for a monthly payment or selling a program online for a limited time.

Though there are lots of plugins available where you can create your own online course on your website. But, I recommend using an LMS application for two specific reasons – 1) The cost of developing maintaining the same can be high 2) The LMS application company is specialist in their business and they have a team to handle all changes in technology and challenges. Hiring those team specifically for your business is costly and makes no sense as well. 3) If you need to be an expert or specialist, you need to be so in one area. So, let all technicalities be handled by the LMS specialists or experts and you concentrate on your expertise or specialization.

There are various LMS available like Thnikific, Teachable, Zenler and so on. There are various pricing models and some let you use it for free as well. If you need any support for finding the right LMS for you, you can ask us and we can help you out in making the right decision. When you have your LMS, this can be integrated with your website.

Get Online Bookings / Appointments

Know How You Can

Example:  Getting first free strategic call or selling an online session or booking for a discussion to take this further and so on. You might need to get appointments or booking from the website.

For that, you might need to use a scheduling application. A scheduling application helps the visitor to select a date and time. You can select the days and time when you want to take bookings. The visitors can go to your booking page and see the available dates and time for the booking as per their location and select a convenient booking. Also, you can ask them a few questions which they need to answer before confirmation of a booking. Once the booking is done, you can get a booking confirmation on your mail to take it further. There are various scheduling applications and they all have various pricing options. You can let us know your requirement and we can give you various option to choose from with their all details. When you have the scheduling page, we can integrate the same with your website using some call to action buttons on various important places of your website.

Selling Digital Downloads

Know How You Can

Example:  Selling meditation program, Selling Books, Selling Downloadable courses and so on.

Though your website is capable enough to handle digital downloads, but still for the sake of simplicity and cost effectiveness, you can use a digital download application. This can be integrated with your website and with a payment gateway. Your users can pay for the download and can get access to the digital file. Based on your requirement, we can suggest you a few of the digital downloads applications and when you have that, we can integrate the same with your website.

Selling Your Books

Know How You Can

Example:  Selling your books, selling your reports and so on.

There can be two ways you might be selling your books – 1) Through your own website and 2) From Marketplaces like Amazon, Kindle, Raukten and so on. For selling from your own website, we can use the digital download facilities. For other marketplaces, we can create a product page with all descriptions and have the buying buttons of the respective marketplaces linked to it. You can provide various buying options as well to your visitors so that they can choose the one with which they are most comfortable with.

Selling Physical Products

Know How You Can

Example: Selling your CD /DVD, Selling Yoga Mats, T-shirts and so on.

You might want to sell physical products. In this case, you need a shopping cart. With our websites, your shopping cart comes free. You can select your currency and the payment gateway to use and we can get it up immediately. We use Woo-commerce for the same. You can read more about our commerce website here and about Woo-commerce here. 

Selling Your Session Packages

Know How You Can

Example:  Selling online session packages like 12 session package, 16 session package and so on. 

There are lots of coaching package and management applications available in the market to do so. Also, you can sell it virtually through woocommerce. Whatever it be, after understanding your requirements, we will suggest you what are the apps that you can use or whether it can be done via woocommerce or not. Once, we put the required app in place, the same will be integrated into your website. 

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