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We Launch & Manage Your School

The importance of schools has never changed! Only the medium has changed. And the choice of topics has increased exponentially. Its time to be in the trend. Be it One Course or A Membership Course – It’s time to Own your Online School. 

Let Us Sell You First

There are lots of influencers in Udemy and YouTube! As an influencer (author, coach or trainer) are you only focusing on giving discounts and freebies to boost your online course sales and still not attracting enough clients?

None of these matters while creating an amazing and exciting online school. Branding is a science of attracting clients! We can help you to make a mark, break the clutter and stay on the top!

It seems like every day there’s a new training, free guide, or blog post promising that you can be an overnight expert if you just do 1 course. There’s no shortage of training courses in online schools.

The fact is, if you’re thinking of starting your own online teaching business…it can and will get confusing and overwhelming pretty fast. Should you start blogging? Should you start a podcast? What about a YouTube channel consisting of your course videos?

There are some great instructors who have done really well on online learning sites, even with rock bottom course price tags. They’ve figured out the recipe to selling good content at a high volume. But it’s a difficult thing to accomplish in the niches which many course creators are operating within.


Creating an online course is difficult, but marketing can be even harder. It’s often after a course is launched that course creators give up on their projects. They have great content, but they become frustrated that it isn’t selling, and they don’t know how to do anything about it.

Don’t worry!

We take care of right from the online school setup, to design and maintenance – virtually everything. We do help you to ideate, design, strategizing the prices, integrating the payment gateways and all! You may now just focus on creating awesome contents and let us do the awesome branding to scale up your business!!!

What You Get


  • Planning Your Course
  • Research on Outline
  • Planning Modes Of Delivery
  • Strategizing References
  • Drawing Structure
  • Planning the Entire Flow
  • Freebie Planning
  • Email Integrations


  • Setting Up School
  • Designing the Course Graphics / Logo
  • Designing Slide Decks
  • Editing Videos and Uploads
  • Setting the Entire Course Flow
  • Developing and Designing Workbooks

Questions In Mind?


What I actually get?

Every Requirement is Unique in this case. Hence, our deliverables are dependent on the scope of your project. But here is a small list of what can be included in the deliverables: 

  • Strategizing and Planning your course
  • Creating a Flow of your course
  • Designing your Course Graphics
  • Developing Handbooks / Workbooks
  • Editing your Videos
  • Designing Slide Decks
  • Setting up the school
  • Setting up the course
  • Setting Payment Gateways
  • Designing of the course pages
  • Doing all that it takes to get your school up and running
Where is my course hosted?

Your course is hosted on the LMS ( Learning Management System ). We have partnered with Zenler – One of the robust LMS platform and recommend that. Though there are several learning management systems like Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, Kartra, Kajabi, etc. and we can work on all thise platforms. 


Is copywriting included in this?

No. Copywriting is not included in this. If you need a copy of the course to be written, we have lots of copywriters working as freelancers with us and we can get you the details of them. We don’t charge anything from you or from them doing so. 


Process and Payments

What is the process to start with?

Here is the complete process to get started.

  1. Book a call with us: We will discuss your course that you are planning, Choosing between Single course or Membership, Developing a Course Pathway, strategize the course delivery methodology, plan the course durations, ideate how you can shoot or create videos, plan the marketing strategy of the course, payment plans for the course and discuss all the details that are needed to get your school up and running. 
  2. Proposal and Payment: Once the call is complete and we both are good to go ahead, we will send you a proposal on what we have discussed and we will send you an invoice amounting $249 as non-refundable booking money. 
  3. Detailed Sheet: After the payment is made, we will send you a detailed sheet that will be having a layout to start your course, a list of all that’s needed to get your course ready.
  4. Support Group: Post payment, we create a group on Messenger or Whatsapp which includes our team members. It helps speed up communication and support flows.
  5. Built up:  Once we receive all the details from you, we start building up your course. It includes everything under deliverables that we will have on the proposal. And we will get your school up and running. 
  6. Balance Payment: Once the website is live, we raise you the invoice for the balance amount for payment. 
How much does it cost?

The cost entirely depends on the requirements as this is fully customized as per the need. To give you some fair idea, the cost of setting up a school normally starts from $249 apart from the cost of designing and video editing.

How Do I Pay ?

We raise you PayPal invoice in USD only, which you can pay through your PayPal account or credit card.


Design and Tech

What Kind of Videos are required ?

For online courses,

  • You can run slides and record audios accordingly. And we can enhance the sound and sync with the slides to create Videos. 
  • You can shoot videos and we can edit those, put necessary slides/captions in between and create the lessons.
  • You can do a mix and match of those and create the course as well. 
Can I sell both - single course and a membership ?


  • You can create. single course and sell it. 
  • You can create a series of short courses and develop a membership. 
  • You can club a few of the courses and create a year-long plan also.

There are lots of options to generate revenue out of your expertize.

How can I charge my students?

You can charge them one time fees or monthly fees or Quarterly or Bi-Annual fees – whatever suits you the best! The course is integrated with PayPal or Stripe. 

How do I Receive Payments?

It depends on the LMS you are using. Some of them provide instant payments and some provide payment on a fixed date of a month after a cooling period.

How do I shoot videos?

If you are just starting out, you need not buy any costly equipment. You can simply start shooting with your phone. You just need to ensure you have good lighting and sound quality – that’s all. The content, the topic, your delivery, and the marketing  – they arethe most important factors for the success of your course.

How do I choose colors and fonts?

Colors are normally dependent on your target audience and logo. You can get your brand guideline developed or you can choose colors and color combinations for your website and send us. You can explore the following link to choose colors: https://colorpalettes.net  You can pan our fonts accordingly and send us the fonts of your choice for Header and Body to be used. Else, you can ask us to suggest as well.


Do you provide ongoing support?

Yes. We have ongoing support plans which depends on the level of support you want and the cost starts from $59 per month. 

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