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WooCommerce is one of the most popular platforms to host e-commerce store. According to a recent report of BuiltWith, WooComerce has powered more than 1.5 million active stores. It’s one of the most popular media to power your e-commerce store. Though this data is strong enough to understand why you should use woo commerce for your e-commerce store. Still, apart from the normal features and all, we are collating some advantages of having a WooCommerce Store.

woocommerce store

It's Free

There is no shortage of high-quality E-commerce with Content management facility, where a merchant can sell online easily and innovatively, but WooCommerce comes Free with all the basics needed and it can be enhanced with out of the box extensions.

Community Support

WooComerce support can be found easily. Being an open source application, a large community is constantly extending their knowledge, fixation of bugs and supports within. You simply need to ask in the community and most of your queries are resolved.


Content Marketing and SEO

Needless to say, as WooCommerce store is actually an E-commerce store with content management system, it empowers you to conduct content marketing along with selling your products and as a result of which you get an opportunity to have better search engine optimised store.

Beyond E-commerce

As a WooCommerce store is onWordPresss, it gives you an immense opportunity to extend your stores with different kinds of blogs, offers, landing pages and others and make the store beyond a normal e-commerce store.

Easy Scale Up

You can scale up from your small WooCommerce store to a big one in no time and the feature rich WooCommerce will help you to manage the products in the most convenient way.

Store Analytics

Your store with wooCommerce comes with in built analytics like Sales by date, Returns, Taxes, Average orders and other business related reports. Also, it can be easily integrated with Google Analytics and other tools to have a thorough analytics of traffic, activities and business in your store.

Superb Flexibility

You can really do whatever you want to change, create and offer your customers, create different types of products groups, create different categories of products i.e. physical and downloadable – whatever you want, you have the flexibility to deliver the same with WooCommerce Store.


With thousands of WooComerce themes and plugins available, you can change the entire look of your store, can enhance the features, add some facilities or stop something very easily.

Non Dependency

With WooCommerce store, you can learn managing your day to day required activities of your own. Also, with the vast pool of support people and developers, you can easily access a pool of talent to hire on a freelance contract to get your works on WooCommerce store done. Depending on nature of works, you can hire freelancers starting $5 for a work.

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