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Know How We STARTED and How We Got Attachzd 

It All Started with Freelancing

A few years back, some freelancers working on projects individually and they were happily working and enjoying their life. As they were working individually, they used to approach other freelancers too on a different platform to outsource those parts of works which they were unable to complete, which were beyond their domain or those works where they were probably skilled at, but they were not masters. And this continued and it resulted sharing a good relationship and bonding amongst themselves. Slowly, they realized they can work better if they create a platform for themselves.

Every Person You Meet Has a Reason

One fine day, while they were discussing a project with one of their regular clients, they shared this idea with him and the client supported the venture by creating a professional platform.

Today, Attachzd Innovations is a Web Agency Brand owned by Shouvik Lahiri Interventions Pvt. Ltd. and it consists of different domain expert freelancers. With more than 60 freelancers across different domains which includes Content Writing, SEO, Social Media, WordPress, PHP and Woocommerce. We use Programmatic Advertising, Chatbots, Social Messaging Apps, Micro-Moments and many more game-changing digital marketing tools that you can no more ignore in 2019!

With people experienced on more than 500 projects, Attachzd Innovations is currently focussed on getting small and medium business or professions online. Attachzd Innovations currently offers WordPress Websites Creation, Redesigning Websites on WordPress, Creating E-Commerce Stores and WordPress Maintenance.

You might be Professional like Doctor, Engineer, Consultant, Lawyer, Chartered Accountant, Author, Musician, Actor, Model, Blogger or in any other profession or you might own a Restaurant, Hotel, Saloon, Spa, Boutique, Manufacturing Unit or a Service Speciality. You might serve Retail Customers or Business Consumers. You might Require an Office or might Operate from Home. Whatever it is, you must digitalize your business. And we consider ourselves experts in that.

Four Factors That You Might Like to Consider

Knowledge & Experience

Worked on various and highly diversified projects, we can claim we have sufficient knowledge and experience in whatever project we accept.

ROI ( Return On Investment )

Though we cannot claim to be the cheapest one, we always focus on delivering value for which we are getting paid. And till now we don’t have any project where the client is dissatisfied with what is delivered against what he or she has paid for.


Before time delivery is something we have always delivered along with the quality of the project. Whatever timeline is decided for a work, we ensure we optimise the time chart with proper project planning and deliver the project efficiently.


As we have diversified exposure, still we never thought one for all works as an organization. Hence you will find only few services that we do rather than creating a bucket of services. It keeps us stay focused on what we do and innovate ad ideate further.

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