9 Reasons to go for a Website Redesigning Project 

Considering Website Redesign 

Your website is the face of your business. And it is meant to drive your business as a loyal sales person 24x7 round the year. Though a salesperson of a company is not meant to change every now and then, in case of your website – it is absolutely yes! With changing business needs, you ought to redesign your website so that it acts in sync with your changing business strategies. Below we have discussed the obvious 9 reasons Why you need a Website Redesign.

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1. You are Not Getting The ROI

Websites are meant to attract traffic to your site, convert them to leads and turn them to loyal customers. Have you noticed that there are limited footfalls and reduced business? – Well then it’s time to take stock.

A pixel-perfect gorgeous website with less than expected traffic conversion ratio means only one thing – it’s time to go for your website redesign. Websites are not meant to be a lovely wild west – but they are built to act a comfy homely resort among wilderness – where visitors love to flock in because they do get easily exactly what they want.

If you are not achieving the ROI evaluate these few things:

  1. How many website visitors are effectively responding to the CTA or call-to-action of your website?
  2. Do people leave your website after visiting the landing page or they dig deeper?
  3. Is your site a visually complex site?
  4. Can you pull your target audience through your website?

If all these aspects are proving negative feedback it’s time to redesign your website.


3. Your Website Has Become a Maze Of Numerous Pages

At times you do stumble upon websites which are a maze of numerous pages. It’s obvious once a good website – that site has gone bulkier with the passage of time. So now visitors find it very tiresome to find the relevant information they are looking for. And there is no dearth of alternatives offered by SERPs.

If you find the bounce rate of your site is very high – it’s time to fasten up the seat-belt and go for a reality check. Find out that do everything you have provided in the existing website is necessary? Do you need to repaint the walls of your sites? It’s time to junk the garbage in bin and design an elegant website.


5. Your Website is not content optimized

SERPs algorithms are very fluid. They change in daily intervals. Once HTML sites were in vogue but now it’s WordPress. Previously it was SEO but now it is the day for juicy and heavier chunk of authentic contents. Once the famous blackhat techniques which arguably used to put your site on top are now obsolete and blacklisted. Help the search engines find and index your content smoothly.

Thus you need to redesign the site with not only friendly coding but with proper contents too. Visitors on sites hate to be bluffed and they expect a fair amount of authenticity.


9. Outdated design means you are compromising with the security of your site

If you think your company is too small to be at risk, think again. Most hackers are not looking for money but information, including social security numbers, birth dates, addresses and credit card or banking information.  Cybercrime is rising in many forms.

Cyber Crime breaches result in annual losses of 7.7 million dollars, and it has become a global phenomenon. If your site is old, has outdated security measures, is not well maintained, you are inviting your own doom.

Updating your website must include an upgrade in your security protocols to protect your stored data and your company from lawsuits.


2. Purpose Of Website Has Changed

Business is not always the same. And you should dress up according to the occasion, Right? While re-aligning your business strategies with the changing market scenario, at times, your target demographics do change. Keeping all these things in mind it is necessary to redesign your website from time to time.

Have you noticed presently that your conversion funnel is not performing satisfactorily? Maybe your website is not translating your business strategies effectively. Try to redesign the website so that they pull enough targeted audience. Start fishing with attractive baits such as proper CTAs on your homepage and other relevant sections of your webpages.


4. The User Experience

A major chunk of your business comes from smartphone users. And believe it or not they are very impatient. Modern websites must conform to all the mobile norms.  So if you win the business over competitors it’s your pejorative to provide a faster and more elegant UX to mobile visitors.


6. Your Competitors Website

Mapping your Competitors is part of your marketing ballgame. So is your web design strategy. Have you noticed your competitors have revamped their sites? Are they now capable of delivering your business goals in a far better way with their web design?

Now it’s time to call a spade with a spade. It’s time to create out of box designs so that you stay put miles ahead.


7. You are not on WordPress

You have to be a trend-setter, out-of-the-box-thinker to stay ahead of the competition.

WordPress powers 25% of all websites on the web: that makes for over 4 billion websites. Any website can rank high on search results page with craftily written content, quick page load time, and great user experience. On HTML you would have to rely on code to do that. WordPress practically hands you easy to use and really powerful tools for online success.


8. Your Website is JUST not working

The third party tools get outdated very fast. Payment gateways, cart widgets use newer technologies very fast. If your site isn’t using the latest techniques and updated widgets – probably you shall find few sections of pages have become dysfunctional. And it’s mostly painful to the person who visits your site. Chances are there he/she shall skip your website next time – bringing your site ranking automatically down to few notches.

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