Your landing pages can be a great source to generate more leads and lead conversion. They are virtually the ground zero for the success or failure of your digital marketing campaigns. There should be a clear strategy on how to optimize your landing page on the website to get you more leads.

There is a basic difference between the click-through landing page and the lead generation landing page.

Unlike a click-through landing page which serves as a “warm-up” stage before an action such as selling a product or service, the “lead generation” landing pages are used to collect personal information and establish contact points to create as many “leads” or “prospects” for your business as you can. 

If you want to generate more leads, you will have to start by working on your landing page’s design. 

5 Ways How to Optimize Your Landing Page in Website to Get You More Leads:

1. Pay heed to the Design:

Nobody mentions it – yet it’s true. The design matters on your landing page. If you want to generate more leads, you will have to start by working on your landing page’s design.

You need to harmonize your theme’s colours and make a design which play on shapes and symmetry. Don’t forget to let your text breathe to make it easy to read and the design must clearly differentiate the “titles” of your paragraphs.

2. Place the lead generation form above the fold:

The gateway between your site and the visitor is the lead generation form. Generally, a lead generation form that’s placed on a landing page with offers visitors can’t resist always performs well.

When it comes to optimizing a lead generation form, placing the form above-the-fold usually yields results because the placement instantly draws your visitors’ attention to your CTA.  This, in turn, leads to great optimization of your lead conversion. This is one of the ways to optimize your landing page on the website to get you more leads.

3. Optimize for SEO:

When it comes to optimizing a landing page, increase the chance of a lead finding your landing page in the first place by optimizing it with Google’s search algorithm in mind.

Since the Hummingbird update, Google is prioritizing the context of a search as much as it is the keywords. A long-tail keyword is this context-centric search format. But at the same time, the landing page’s title should be short. 

4. Pay attention to your calls to action:

The call to action is one of the things you need to pay attention to when working on your landing page. Using the imperative is a method that often comes up when writing a call to action.

Too many buttons on landing pages is a common online marketing mistake and lead to a lower conversion rate. 

The CTA copy is as important as the colour, placement, and shape of your call-to-action buttons. A strong CTA compels people to click on it. It leaves a memory in the user’s mind even when they are no more on the landing page.

5. Don’t include navigation:

Once visitors land on your page, don’t let them to leave until they hand over that information and receive your offer.

When there are no other links present on the landing page (other than the CTA button) visitors don’t have a chance to get derailed from the conversion goal. A landing page that features no navigation links is a landing page focused on only one goal — which is exactly why visitors focus on that one goal.

These are the 5 ways how to optimize your landing page on the website to get you more leads. Landing pages should be an integral component of your inbound marketing strategy, with research showing companies seeing an average 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages.

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